The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

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Kalyani was cleaning utensils in the Kitchen while she heard her husband shrieking, “Why isn’t Lakshmi home yet?” Kalyani gazed at the watch it was 3:20 PM and Lakshmi should have reached home by 2:30 PM after her classes today. She thought for a while, “What kept her from coming home? May be she had special classes – not a possibility, she always had free hours. Well, she would have gone for a movie, which will be the only reason which kept her long”. Thinking about this she said back to her husband, “She will come in a while. She said she had special classes.” She just hoped Lakshmi reaches before he asks again.

Shankaranathan, Kalyani’s husband and father of Lakshmi and Sahana was a strict man in his late forties. He was sitting in the hall and was reading newspaper while he happily munched the bajjis made freshly by his wife. He worked in IIT Madras as a senior professor and generally is a busy man as he was the only one in whole IIT Madras with a PhD in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering, a subject in Civil Engineering. He was a sticker of rules and he ruled his family with an iron fist.

“Mummmy”, came Sahana’s chirpy voice from the gate and she was running towards the kitchen while the housemaid who accompanied her from school took her bags and lunchbox. As she was about to enter the kitchen her father’s roaring voice said, “Go and change your dress first. Also wash your hands and legs.” Sahana with a sad face marched to the room which she and Lakshmi shared. Sahana was sharp for her age, she was just 8 yet she understood more things – thanks to her sister who shares everything with her despite the 12+ years of gap in their age.

Sahana changed her dress and marched to the kitchen without her father’s knowledge and nagged her mom to make her sit on the cooking plot. “Mommy, put me up, put me up”, she squeaked. Her mother made a face and said, “Why do you do this baby? What if something falls on you or you touch something hot?” She singed, “I want to be on the top of the world, top of everything.” Kalyani smiled at the striking difference among her two girls. Lakshmi was true to her name, soft, divine, beautiful, and down to earth. Sahana on the other hand was the fire, the unpredictable, and the chirpy one. She said to Sahana, “I don’t know if it is your name or you. Both are unpredictable.”

Sahana shot a quizzical look at her mother and asked, “What?” Kalyani asked, “Do you know meaning of your name?” Sahana said, “No, names have meaning?” Kalyani smiled and said, “Yeah. They do have. For instance Mahalakshmi is god’s name. It means goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune, and embodiment of beauty.” Sahana shot back, “Beauty and Lakshmi – Yeah she is beautiful but not as beautiful as me.” Kalyani smiled. Sahana asked further, “What does my name represent?” Her mother kissed her on her forehead and said, “Sahana is my most favorite raga in carnatic music. It is a raga which an ubhaya vakra sampoorna rakti raagam”. Sahana gasped and said, “Whoa, that’s so big mom. Is that a bad word?” Kalyani gently tapped Sahana’s back before saying, “No, No, it just means that the notes written in this raga has a zig-zag pattern with all 7 notes and additionally it has both ascending and descending scales. I think you know what an ascending and descending scale are. Don’t you? Lalitha ma’am teaches you this in the carnatic class na?” “Yes mom, but she says to get in depth in all these I need more practice and hard work. I am only in geetham class, why don’t you teach me how to sing in my raagam?” asked Sahana in a curious manner. “Sure I will. So as I was saying, that’s you. Sahana – the raagam with no rules – the zig zag and unpredictable raagam. The unpredictable baby girl – Sahana.”

Sahana blushed and said, “Yeah, am a masterpiece, where is Lakshmi?” Kalyani said, “I think she has gone to movie with her friends, but I am not sure. Don’t tell to daddy okay?” Sahana asked, “What do I get if I don’t tell to daddy?”

Please wait till next Tuesday for the sequel of this.

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