Magic Of Sweeping Somebody Off Their Feet – My Thoughts on Love & Life

Love - Changes Ordinary to Extraordinary
Love – Changes Ordinary to Extraordinary

Snigdha was standing in the delivery counter of Gangotree in the basement floor of Express Avenue. She was waiting for the yummy Dahi Puri to be delivered. As she was tapping her fingers impatiently on the glass panel near her and suddenly she heard her phone buzzing with “Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu – Ro Rahi Hoon Mein”. Without even glancing at the mobile she knew it was her sister Payal. This was a ringtone that she has kept exclusively for her sister. She tapped the answer option in her Lumia and said “Heyyy di”

Payal: Hey Where are you?

Snigdha: In Express Avenue. You?

Payal: In home only.

Snigdha: So, What’s up?

Payal: *in a sobbing tone* Just finished reading the mail you sent me.

Snigdha: Hmmm.

Payal: The first few chapters of your novel, damn. I hate you.

Snigdha: *in an amused voice* What? You hate me – but why?

Payal: *giggles* How could you make me cry? You sent me just ten chapters but I get that feel as if I have been overpowered by love in those ten chapters itself.

Snigdha: Oh, how was it?

Payal: *in a sentimental voice* awesome. It was absolutely full of love. How could you do this?

Snigdha: Do what? Write?

Payal: Write – Yeah, Write about love. You express love so well. How you do it?

Snigdha: Am just an amateur, there are so many awesome writers out there. You should read their work.

Payal: Yeah, there are many good writers out there. However, not everyone had their heart broken in the way you had. So even after being in a nasty relationship for 4 years and after having a break up, you still trust in love?

Snigdha: May be *munching the Dahi Puri*

Payal: You still love Krish, don’t you?

Snigdha: No, I don’t. *still munching the Dahi Puri*

Payal: Okay, so you are in love with this new friend of yours isn’t it? Sanjay – isn’t it?

Snigdha: No, I don’t love him. I just dated him a couple of times.

Payal: How exactly do you express about love when you are not in love?

Snigdha: Remember the picture I sent you in WhatsApp? A Preeti Shenoy’s quote? Being a writer is a lonely profession…

Payal: Yeah I remember something like be with people, talk to them, empathize with them but be strangely detached to write about them. Right?

Snigdha: Precisely.

Payal: How does that influence the love stories you write?

Snigdha: Well, hmmm. Tough to explain but I will do sometime soon. Now, allow me to do shopping.

Payal: Okay, bye. I love you lots.

Snigdha: Me too. Bye.

Payal: See the romantic writer sucks in real life emotions.

Snigdha: Arrrghhhh… Love you tons and tons di… Bye.

Snigdha finishes the final piece of Dahi Puri and wipes her sticky fingers using wet tissues. The question Payal asked was still lingering around in her mind. She turned around and something caught her attention. There was a fat and not so pretty girl standing in front of the Titan Eye+ Showroom and gazing at the collections. She called out to someone and a handsome, well-built, tall guy came near her. He had walked ahead of her and she had paused walking in front of this store. Snigdha discreetly gazed at them; 4 years of writing had made her excel at the art of noticing people without their knowledge. She saw that the man put his hands around the fat woman and took her inside the shop and he helped her choose the frames. She smiled to herself and thought, “Who said handsome men see only beautiful super models. Love gives no damn to physical appearance. Love just happens – That’s mature love”. She got in the escalator and went to the first floor.

She saw the banner of 50% sale in Max and took escalator again to reach second floor. In the escalator she saw a cute couple who were giggling and the guy was clicking a picture of her in the moving escalator. In those 20 seconds of escalator travel, he took 3 photos of her as they walked away from the escalator they were choosing which was the best one for her contact in his mobile. They also were randomly clicking selfies of them time and again. Snigdha could see the naïve and innocence flow from both of their eyes. She thought, “Well, love can be pure, naïve, and innocent too without any worries or responsibilities.”

She went to the second floor and shopped in Max. She waited outside the trial room since it was full. She saw a man sitting in front of her with hand full of various ladies outfits. She giggled for a moment but turned away from him before she could burst into laughter. She then saw a middle aged woman come out of the trial room sporting a Kurta and asking him how it was. He said, “Good, but wasn’t the blue one better?” She said, “I thought this was nicer.” He smiled and said, “Pick both. It’s alright.” Snigdha was amused, if it was at starting stage of love or relationship and a guy assists his girl in shopping is fine but definitely this couple looked in their middle thirties and still when the lady asked her man for suggestions and the man spending time for the lady’s shopping was something totally different. The man’s phone buzzed and he said, “Yeah, I am shopping with you sister in law. Yeah, we are purchasing clothes for her birthday.” He had that proud smile on his face when he said that. Snigdha thought, “Love brings understanding between two souls.”

After shopping in Max, Snigdha went up to the food court and grabbed a Krushers from KFC. She saw a teenage couple eating the Rs.25 burger, Rs.25 Krushers. They were dressed in a normal casual outfit and from their dressing and looks Snigdha knew that they weren’t really rich or they were not even upper middle class. They might fall in the middle class or lower middle class range. They were sharing one burger and one krushers happily. She could see them giggle, joke, and tease each other. He slightly brushed the hair off his girl’s eyes and the girl blushed in turn. Snigdha smiled to herself remembering the times she and Krish roamed in Spencers.

She was about to get down in the escalator but she saw a scared lady trying so hard to get on the escalator but was failing visibly. Snigdha wondered, “How did this lady come up in the first place?” She was clearly pissed off to see the lady struggling and thought of offering help since the lady is now creating a public nuisance. However, the lady’s husband came and said, “Why dear? If you are not comfortable why not take the lift?” They moved away from the escalator and gave way but Snigdha didn’t go, she too moved away from the escalator and stood nearby it and sipped her Krushers. The lady replied to her husband, “Next week we are going abroad to see our son and daughter in law. From airport to every place there will have only escalators. I should practice from now.” The response given by the man got a tear from Snigdha’s eyes. He said, “Of course you can practice but remember if at all you find these tough, I can always carry you when we are in escalator.” They giggled and Snigdha saw naïve, innocence, understanding, mature, childish, caring, and every possible form of romance in their eyes. She rushed towards the escalator and called her sister.

“Payal, I got the answer to your question”, she said happily. Payal asked, “Uhhmm, well, what?” Snigdha almost singed, “See my blog tomorrow. Your answer will be there in the post titled, Magic Of Sweeping Somebody Off Their Feet – My Thoughts on Love & Life”. Snigdha disconnected the call after saying a cheerful “I Love You Didi.”

Love is everywhere, we are surrounded by it. All the couples mentioned above will have their own problems. They may fight, they may quarrel, some of them may break up or divorce but again everything is uncertain except the current moment. When you have someone you love, “Don’t think, just love – Leave rest to the destiny.”


Payal called after reading the blog and said, “That was awesome. I felt a positive vibe while I read through it. Only Love makes us see the normal things in an extraordinary way isn’t it? So why are you thinking so much about Sanjay? Why don’t you love him?” Snigdha told, “Now, that calls for another blog post but I will tell you in a precise way for time being, I will love when someone sweeps me off my feet.”

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Its wonderful.. But all couple u see around r not like this.. There are many unhappy couple too wt no understanding or love left btwn them..


    • Thanks a lot for dropping by. As far the response for the second part of your sentence, I wish to state a famous quote of Leo Tolstoy, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”


  2. Woww! That’s wonderful, S(t)ri. I have been following your blog for quite a few days. I admire your creativity and your observation skills. Keep it up. You will hear more from me.


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