Writers are Weird – Are(n’t) we?

Hi Folks,

Writers are Weird
Writers are Weird

This is my response to the prompt by Write Tribe about – Write 100 words without Thinking. Well, writers are weird creatures, aren’t we? It’s a big deal to make us stop thinking. This one prompt I just wrote from a real experience and not by thinking.

He was online but wasn’t replying. This was nothing new; we are not in serious relationship so things like these don’t bother us. However what bothered me was that Facebook showed he was typing for so long. After sometime he sent me a story – a short thriller.

Me: Awesome. Who wrote this?

He: Me, xD

Me: Why don’t you try writing more?

He: Nooo, I am lazy and also while writing this I had to think a lot, so many things ran around in my mind.

Me: That’s how a writer’s life is like – 1000 people’s thoughts in one mind.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Yes this is a writer’s life. A writer does not necessary pen down his thoughts but most probably think from others POV. A unique take on the prompt , S(t)ri.
    Ans you look lovely in the light coloured saree.:)


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