Oh you bore! Mundane Chore! – Daily Prompt

Oh my dear sweetie floor;

Cleaning you is a big time bore;

This is one stupid chore;

Which I hate to the core!

Darling floor, please clean thyself;

Or should I deploy a house elf?

While cleaning you and the shelf;

I hate myself!

Why are you unclean?

Like my old jean.

I so wish to wean

From you, Amen!

This poem was written as a response to the Daily Prompt – “Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves”.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Orey chore…bloody bore.. Orey chore..bloody bore…makes me sore…. I am tired of the daily monotony.. But without you it’s all cacophony.. In my heart my heart I have a Lil dream. Realinzg which will make a happy scream. Oohj..ohh…… Hehehehe…lagaanified ur post..manichhu


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