Harry Potter Quiz & Embarrassment – How I Met My Good Friend?

Hi Folks,

Short story on the prompt “When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment?” 

Embarrassed 😦

As soon as I logged in to Facebook the first status that was displayed on my news feed read, “Did You Know?  There was no real magic used in the making of Harry Potter, everything was Computer Graphics.” This was a post that was posted in a FB group called TamBrahm and I giggled slightly and started reading the comments. In course of time I started commenting beneath it and as one thing leads to another the conversation lead to Harry Potter Quiz. Five of us were vigorously chatting and it lead to a quiz where we said we will take turns in asking the question and the rest will answer.

Sainath, a friend of mine who I got to know through Facebook commented, “Harry Potter Quiz, A bad idea to play online. I have a set of few questions that are tough to answer unless you Google them. Now in an online quiz, I can’t trust you guys.” We somehow convinced him that none of us will Google and we will definitely stick by our promise. He asked the first question, “What is the address of the person who was imperiused by death eaters in the year 1995?”  This question was the toughest question I ever faced, believe me this was toughest than any viva-voce I attended in my engineering college. I was so ashamed and embarrassed. If you think I am acting dramatic then it means you don’t know me well. I am a big time Potterhead and every single of my friends come to me for any doubts about the book series but when I myself didn’t know the answer to the question that was asked I was really so embarrassed that I wanted the earth to open up and engulf me.

I restricted every ounce of urge to Google and asked him for clues apparently after some 22 minutes someone pointed out that the person who was under Imperius curse was “Sturgis Podmore”; that was more embarrassing. Someone has found the answer, okay part of the answer. Still the question was unanswered and finally we gave up and Sainath told us the answer as “2 Laburnum Gardens, Clapham”. Seriously, anyone imagined or remembered this answer? I texted Sainath in personal chat and told him, “I feel like how Hermione Granger felt when she saw Harry getting an Outstanding in DADA”. He replied with his conventional, “lol, xD”.

Well, you not necessarily move away from the person who made you feel low or embarrassed. I always felt that I need to move away from that place when I get embarrassed but after that question we still played and guess what I move on so well with Sainath and he is a good friend now and apart from that he is my Wikipedia 😛 Yeah, from driving routes to online shopping sites, from books to music we discuss everything.

-This real story was penned down as a response to the Daily Prompt titled “Isn’t Your Face Red?” 


  1. lol.. u made me laugh! this is a really difficult question, and if I may ask, in which book was this mentioned, coz even i don’t remember it.. 😛
    but even though embarrassing for a hard-core Potterhead like you, luckily you found a good friend due to this incident..:)


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