Should I eschew Love(r)?

Elena woke up to witness the snow filled Christmas day in front of her olive green eyes. She stumbled while she got down from the bed. She went near her window and gazed at the Norwich city outside, all she could see was whiteness and whiteness. The pain was fading away from her slow, almost slow. Her iPhone buzzed and she didn’t mind about it since her gaze was still transfixed on the snow outside. She rubbed her palms and moved inside to make herself a cup of hot latte coffee. She plugged in her earphones and her favorite song was playing harmoniously inside her ears while she made her coffee. “Confusion never stops, Closing walls and ticking clocks”, she could correlate with the lyrics and she sipped the coffee with a small grin on her face.

Quitting – Good or Bad?

The sensitive touch screen of the iPhone was touched by the even more sensitive and slender fingers of hers. She directly dialed Alex Parker and said, “Hey Alex, I thought ummmm, well I think errr… If your offer about dating me is still open then I think hmm I want to date you. There I said it”. Alex could hear her sigh and he took more than a breathing pause before responding, “The pleasure is all mine to have a date with you princess”. After some customary talks she hung up the phone and opened the message which came early that morning. It was from David, her ex; the one with whom she spent almost 3 years. The 3 best years of her life, he left her one month back shattering all her dreams, hopes, and her trust in the institution of love. Finally, she gifted herself with the greatest gift ever for this Christmas – the gift of ‘moving on’. Sometimes you need to quit and move on not because you don’t love that person anymore but because you deserve inner peace. She silently deleted the conversation without even caring to read the recent message.

She knew that what she had with David was the most awesome and fairy tale kind of romance; she even wondered if she could be compatible with anyone as much she was with him but then she changed her perspective. She herself didn’t know what changed her perspective on love but then she decided that at times quitting may pave way to happy endings. She stopped eschewing love and instead eschewed the pain that was caused by her previous love.

This short fiction was written for “Daily Prompt – Happy Endings” and NaBloPoMo “Perspective”


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