The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

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Lakshmi was so confused she couldn’t sleep that night. She was silent all through the day and apparently her parents were blind to all her subtle and not so subtle hints about her thoughts on wedding. She asked “Am just 21, why should I get married so soon?” Her mother said, “Don’t be pessimistic in the starting stage itself. When I was of your age I was pregnant with you.” Lakshmi couldn’t even imagine the about marriage, she didn’t have any big aims but she just hoped she might complete M.Phil and become a lecturer before getting married. Her mom thrust a glass of milk in her hand and said, “Marriages are made in heaven and this Venkata Subramaniam mama came like a God in front of our house with the wedding proposal”. “Amma but why don’t you understand? I don’t want to get married, I want to study more”, pleaded Lakshmi. “Of course you can study dear. Study how much ever you want after your wedding. I even spoke to him about it, he is okay with you studying after wedding”, said her mom as a matter of fact. Lakshmi wasn’t convinced still, “Amma, he calls me as Maha and I so hate it when people call me as Maha.” Her mom was really furious now, “are these problems? Your name is Mahalakshmi and isn’t it common for people to address you as Maha? Understand my child, after wedding a lot more changes than just name. You can’t be a kid always.”

Finally, both of them retired to sleep. The next day Lakshmi wasn’t able to concentrate on her class and she said about all these events to her best friend Lalitha. Lalitha was kind of empathizing about her situation and said, “Lakshmi, don’t worry about all these. It will generally take a lot of time finalize the groom and go on with the procedures. Believe me, for my sister it took almost 2 years since the day they saw the groom till the wedding day”. Lakshmi was feeling slightly relieved but she quizzed, “What if everything happens soon like Mouna Raagam movie?” Lalitha giggled, “Life is not a movie dear and above all even if it is like that who will say a no to such a caring husband like Mohan?” Lakshmi giggled along. Swathi, their friend who was a silent spectator till now spoke, “I prefer Karthick more, and he was handsome & manlier”. “In our story there is no Karthick, or is there one?” Lalitha said these words and shot a puzzled look at Lakshmi. She showed mixed emotions on her face and thought of Ramesh, she quickly brushed away the thoughts. She liked him but definitely it wasn’t love because he was a good friend during high school days and now she doesn’t even know where he dwells. Coming back to the current world, she responded to Lalitha, “No, there is no Karthick.”

Saravanan came and sat in between Lalitha and Lakshmi. Swathi gave him a nasty look and said, “Why you always poke your nose when girls are alone together?” Saravanan laughed and said, “Well, that’s my job. I am born to protect you girls.” The girls chorused, “We don’t need protection by you, we need to be protected from you.” Deepak joined to sit with them; he carried a tray full of glasses filled with tea and a bundle of masal vadai. Gradually the whole gang of 11 friends sat next to each other and they started to gossip and talk. Lalitha said to them about Lakshmi’s so called bride seeing ceremony and Deepak said, “Don’t worry, and introduce me as your boy friend to that Venkata Subramaniam mama”. Everyone including Lakshmi giggled, she thought about how cool headed Deepak was. In fact every single one of them was awesome in their own way. Shankar asked, “Leave the marriage talks, Shall we go for a movie? Rajini movie has released and we didn’t go yet!” Everyone were puzzled, “Rajini movie? Which one? How come we all never knew?” Shankar was the movie fanatic in their gang and he loved movies and he knew everything about them; he said, “Valli movie. It is a nice movie it seems. Although Rajini is not the hero in that he has a very powerful guest appearance. Shall we go?” All the girls said in unison, “Why not?” The guys however were sulking since they always liked Rajini to be the hero and seeing Rajini is side role was not their cup of tea, Shankar dragged the guys out of the earshot of girls and whispered, “There is a sensual song in the movie”. The guys whistled and shouted and the girls were clueless.

Please wait till next Tuesday for the sequel of this.

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