Sacch mein Bandhe Acche Hai – Truly, Men are good!!

Hi Folks,

I just logged in to facebook and saw this beautiful write up (which you can read here); this article made me to share my thoughts on the same. I could have simply shared the article on my timeline but I felt that just one article won’t do justice so I wanted to write about my own experiences and thoughts on the same. I also came across this picture which I loved instantly since it is so true!


Here are some of my experiences with really awesome and good men.

#1: I had met this friend for the first time and we met few other friends on the way and we chilled out playing in the beach, paintball, and finally had dinner. It was almost 10:00PM and I had no idea how I will go back home since I didn’t get my bike and sadly the place where we had dinner had no nearby public transport and we thought of booking a cab but I was hesitant and apparently he was confused about what to do since he had to travel a long way back and dropping me would be really hectic for him. He called for an auto, informed the auto man where to drop me and also made note of the auto number. Additionally, he was in contact with me throughout the time till I reached my home. If a family member does that it is pretty common but a new friend? Well, that’s why men are good!

#2: I had to attend this English Oration Event which was a state level event that took place in Virudhnagar and apparently it was a team event of 3 people and I was the only girl in my team. The rest two boys were from my college but I have never met them before. Sadly, just before 30 minutes to the event I had a wardrobe malfunction and one of the guys took pains to search for safety pins and even get them from girls (guy going and asking a random girl for safety pins is indeed a big deal) and he got them for me. Apparently he kept an eye throughout the show so that I could be confident. I remember only my girl friends doing that for me but a guy can be absolutely taking care of you and your dress without ogling at you. The best part was we won the event.

#3: Well, this incident is already illustrated by me. It is about how a random boozed man helped me walk through in a dark street. This is one incident that changed my whole perspective about men and you can read in detail about the incident here.

Not only these three, there had been plenty of incidents that had touched my heart and jotting them down would take me days together it might even become a 70,000 words novel if I write about all the good men I ever met. Well the greatest thing about these three incidents was that none of them have met me before this incident.

With this post I wish to thank all the men who had been manly enough, chivalrous, and caring. You guys deserve more than this post, but consider this as a small dedication or a token of gratitude.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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