Why I started trusting in Fairy Tales?? – Muaaah Mondays

Hi Folks,

Guess you guys are having a overload of my posts today! Sorry about that. Weekends generally give me lot of things to write about. In fact I already have planned what to write for the next few days! Well, coming to this post; many of my blog readers and friends ask me that how I could write such romantic posts (many of my romantic stories aren’t featured in the blog – only close people get to read it). Some people even ask me, “Are you so much in love with somebody that your love comes out in the words?” Well the answer is no. My own ordeals in the institution of love made me lose hope on love but I of late I started believing in fairy tales and prince charming. Why is it so?

Shyam & Priya – Feb 2 2014

Well the major reason for me believing in the fairy tale romances are the fact that lately I witness really cute and lovely fairy tale romances happening around me. This post is dedicated to one such pair – “Shyam & Priya”. Shyam is my childhood best friend to be precise childhood enemy, a neighbor and Priya was a classmate in 8th grade. However, their love didn’t blossom back then, it all started with a FB friend request in January 2013.

Their wedding which took place on February 2 2014 in Chrompet is one of the much awaited weddings by us. Shyam is a Kannada Brahmin, who is a movie buff, South Indian food lover, Tamil patriot, cricket freak while Priya is Tamil Iyengar, brought up in Mumbai, fluent in Hindi, Big Bang Theory freak and she can’t read Tamil like how Shyam has troubles with Hindi. However, they are one such couple who enjoyed the similarities and appreciated their differences.

There were times when Priya started visiting Ratna Café with Shyam and Shyam started to eat pani puris. Priya started enjoying tamil rom-coms while Shyam even started to review few Hindi movies on his FB statuses. I always adored this pair, and they are so much this gen “fairy tale couple”. Couples like Shyam-Priya keep my hopes about Love high and still make me trust that indeed fairy tale romances exist! The biggest part of compromise or adjustment is that you should never feel it was adjustment. Priya shifted from North to Chennai forever, a place which she didn’t even imagine to visit. While Shyam married at 24 because Priya was 24 too. All these small adjustments were made absolutely because of love and when I went to their wedding reception all I could see was love filled up to the brim on each other’s eyes.

I am not going to conclude saying they happily lived ever after like every fairy tale but I am going to say that on February 2, 2014 they began their happily together!

I am not going to talk more now since I might even write a book about them in near future 😛 Well, I am not attaching their photos since it might be a breach to their privacy!!


  1. This is so similar to what S.Lakshmi wrote for a gift we presented. I couldn’t stop myself from saying this as the whole of this were mentioned as phrases in that. Is it because both the ‘Lakshmi’ s think alike? or is it something that everyone notice of the couple?? It might be both:)


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