Pink Frocks and Me – Still a better love story – Write Tribe Prompt!

Hi Folks,

There was this lovely prompt on the title “My Earliest Memory” in Write Tribe in which I need to jot down the earliest memory I had as a child. Well, I thought of making my earliest memory as a story so that it will be more interesting to read. What say? Give a read! This is not just a story but a real thing that happened and this is the earliest memory about my childhood which I remember;

That is Me – I am S(t)ri – Childhood Pic

Stri was the lovely, bubbly girl baby of probably 1.5 to 2 years; she was on the trip to Aden with her family. Her family is a lovely family of dad, mom, and 2 elder sisters. Her dad indeed as a great taste in selecting dresses and since he spent most of his life in foreign nations he always preferred to buy modern and western outfit for his wife and girls.

On a fine evening in their guest house in Aden, Stri’s dad comes with a bag full of goodies and says, “Vanaja, see here. I have got few clothes for all of you from the souvenir shop.” Stri’s mom Vanaja is a close fisted person and she loathed the idea of shopping in a souvenir shop, “how much did you spend on these? May be we should have tried local shopping.”

Finally somehow she tried to distribute the dresses to her three daughters and Stri being the smallest and sweetest got a Pink lovely Cinderella frock which she instantly liked. She grabbed it and started to giggle and say “mumma mumma”. She was learning to talk and apparently saying “mumma” in different accents was her only mode of communication. Stri wore the same dress for next 4 week days and she indeed was so reluctant and irritated when someone tried to remove it.

Her eldest sister Latha used to have a big time in making Stri remove the dress. Stri loves to bath and play in water but she always made it a point to wear the same pink dress back again. “Mom, Stri is not allowing me to remove this dress even after me convincing her to have a bath”, yells Latha. “Remove the dress and assure her she can wear it after bathing, I will wash it and dry it in the meanwhile in the dryer”, retorted Stri’s lovely mom. Stri can’t talk much but she can understand from people’s behavioral patterns (She was intelligent even as a kid, you see 😛 ).

On a lovely Friday afternoon, all five of them thought to go for shopping and decided to dress up really well. The clever, sweet yet cunning Latha said to their mom, “Am bored of seeing Stri in that bloody pink frock, I will somehow dress her up in yellow jumpsuit.” Stri was tired and sleeping so she actually didn’t know how she was dressed up in this stupid yellow dress or whatever they call it. She was angry on everyone except her second sister who was always exceptionally sweet to Stri.

Then they all went into the souvenir shop and Stri was so happy and excited, she saw the beautiful pink frock of hers in the shop. She was angry too since it was her frock and it was over there in the shop. She crawled near to it, (Stri couldn’t walk without holding anyone at that age) and tried to pull the frock but ended up hurting herself as the full set of dresses fell on her. A lovely looking maid came and saved her from the bundle of clothes and Stri finally got hold of her pink frock. Her mom wasn’t allowing her to buy it but somehow seeing her weep and yell, her dad got her the pink frock and after coming home she realized indeed this is a new pink frock similar to her old one and she still used both of them alternatively.


This happened in 1992, in Aden (a seaport city in Yemen). Stri remembers these stuffs vaguely and took her mom’s help to write the exact story. Stri still has those two frocks in her trunk and she is sad now because she can’t wear them anymore! However, Stri has a new pink (well, magenta) frock now that she wears every other day!

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


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