How do I tell her about you – Write Tribe – Saturday 100 Words Prompt

How do I tell her about you?

Response #1

Vinay and Gautam are best friends since childhood. Gautam was committed to Pooja but he was cheating on her, he had been sleeping around with a lot of girls. Pooja on the other hand was down to earth, caring, and loyal. Vinay always adored her and he felt it would be injustice if he didn’t tell her the truth about Gautam. Vinay was shattered between friendship and humanity. He called Pooja and asked her to meet him that evening. Before leaving to meet her he saw Gautam sleeping on the couch and wondered “how do I tell her about you?”

Response #2

Sneha was sitting on the balcony parapet wall, she was never afraid of heights but today she was feeling exceptionally dizzy. Preeti was standing near her happily munching a Kit-Kat. She remembered the previous evening with Preeti’s husband, Sanjay and she also felt disgusted about his behavior, the way he squeezed her breasts when they were alone in the lift. She shouted at him and gave him a tight slap but Preeti was her best friend, she should inform her about this. She saw Sanjay coming out of the house and she wondered, “How do I tell her about you?”

 – These stories were written for “100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 5″, a Write Tribe prompt for the above shown picture. Each story has exactly 100 words.



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