Be the Change! – Milaap “The Hope Project”

How many of you are actually not even use an unclean washroom? Many of us won’t even try to use an unclean washroom. Few of us may not even use a washroom if it doesn’t have a western style lavatory. However there are few people who don’t even have a washroom of their own. The story of Maheswari, Manmani, Kavitha, Rajalakshmi and Dhanalakshmi is pathetic; they are married women from Musiri village in Tamil Nadu, India. They are all agricultural labors and they don’t earn much. Their houses are devoid of washrooms hence they attend the nature’s call in the open ground. Rs. 10000 per head is the amount that is needed by them for their bathroom construction and thus the total amount needed is Rs. 50,000. It is really disgusting and highly pathetic if a person doesn’t have a basic commodity like bathroom in their house. Why don’t we lend them and fulfill their basic needs like these? You needn’t pay the full amount, contribute a little and that may bring a big change. Finally, after contributing share this in your social media so that others may be also do the same. Change won’t happen if we sit and shout for the change to happen, change happens only if we are the change. Let’s be the change!

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This post is exclusively written for “The Hope Project”.


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