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Hi Folks,

So my favorite corner of my blog is here. Freestyle Fridays are my most favorite in my blog. Although I write on different topics and categories, it is this section that gives me most freedom. Furthermore, in this section only I generally rant, vent, and ramble. Recently I came across the lovely video (that is added beneath this post); I started to like it immediately. This is indeed a real eye-opener for many men and at times women (no, no I don’t mean that way – I meant women who slut shame women or rate other women based on clothes).

Respect Women - Treat Us Equally!
Respect Women – Treat Us Equally!

Okay, before viewing the video or talking about it let me share a few things. Recently, I participated in a Tamizh Debate show by Sangam 4 Tamizh Thiruvizha. The topic was “Mangayar Mana Ulagam”, which means Women’s mentality. It was an open debate or to be precise it was more like a group discussion. There were many interesting things I learnt from the fellow speakers and the panelists; however, one thing that a girl told really upset me since I was also facing the same crisis in my day to day life. When she was asked what irritates her the most, she said “When Men look at me like a ramp walk model or playboy poster girl when I walk on the road, it irritates me”. She in fact stole my words; the same thing irritates me too. We are girls not dolls or models. The immediate question that may pop out is about dress; let’s leave that for another time. Whatever dress the girl may wear or may not wear no one has the rights to glare at her as if she is a product put for public display.

I notice men and few women (I still now don’t know why women stare 😛 ) stare at me and few of my friends as if we are aliens. They check out openly; whatever may be the dress we wear still we are scrutinized. I do accept checking out a guy/girl is completely okay and even S(t)ri does that but she does it subtly. When a girl has dressed up in a pretty way, I see it subtly or if I know her I will go and appreciate. Same way with a guy, if he is hot and handsome S(t)ri silently and sweetly checks out and pings her best friend about it but not even the guy will know. Jokes apart, obvious staring is really a disheartening thing which is pretty common these days. You can obviously see people but don’t glare at them and make them uncomfortable or make others around notice that you are glaring. As of seeing private parts or seeing obscenely S(t)ri is against it and she is unhappy about it.

After seeing this video, I came up with an idea called “Mirror Protest”; in this protest all women should wear dresses made of mirror (Guys – remember mirror is not see through glass 😛 ) and walk around thus people who stare obscenely will see how crazy and desperate they look when they look at us.

Watch the video and share this to create viral recognition for this message!

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. I like the concept that the video espouses. However I beg to differ on the clothes. In the name of modernity, if we encourage scant dresses, then there is a cause for concern. Not that I espouse apparel-policing but that in a nation where the income gap is widening by the hour, it would be prudent to exercise discretion.
    Also, there is a cultural aspect of education that we need to encourage – that of respecting women. One the one hand we christen rivers in a feminine fashion but resort to ogling. Hence this ‘secular’ education that does not touch upon moral values and cultural aspects would need to be amended to include gender-awareness, gender-respect, gender-equality etc.
    However, with more women ascending the corporate ladder and occupying visibly numerous positions of power, these gender issues are bound to water down. And that needs better education for the girl child. Even in ads for banks, we urge people to save for their son’s education and daughter’s marriage. That needs to change as well.
    Taking the case of Singapore – the society is westernized. But these kind of ogling doesn’t happen for two reasons – better policing, more women population among the workforce. Hence men have begun to accept the western clothes clad women as part of life and don’t resort to ogling – or so they seem. In any study group or project work group, there is always an equal if not more representation of women. So, empowerment that results from education would help reduce the scenes depicted in the video.
    For India, this would take some time. I would strongly vote for women’s education and empowerment ( not the one that Rahul was talking the other day :))


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