She looked most beautiful – Write Tribe Prompt

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A short story on the title, “She looked most beautiful”

“Oh god! I am so screwed, I don’t know what I will be singing for the college day celebration”, panicked Kiara. She is a north Indian who was studying in Anna University and she is the love of Sriram’s life. Sriram is a Tamil Brahmin, born and brought up in Chennai. They were exact opposites and true to the law of magnetism “opposites attracted each other”.

“Don’t panic baby! There is one more week for the show and sing something which you are good at. Like the ‘red’ or ‘white horse’”, said Sriram softly.

“But, everyone will tease when I sing an English song moreover your mom will be coming nah?”

Sriram responded promptly, “So what? No one will tease my baby girl and if at all anyone does it he will taste hell and yeah mom is coming but that shouldn’t bother you. Sing for yourself not for others”.

The line was silent, but it wasn’t disconnected.

Sriram asked, “So any decision or choices, dear?”

Kiara replied hesitatingly, “Sad, beautiful, tragic by Taylor Swift?”

Sriram said, “Sure darling. That is indeed a beautiful song, beautiful like you.”

Kiara was busy for one week with singing practice, dance rehearsals, etc and Sriram was busy with sponsors, sports day events. They hardly met. However, he made sure he arrived well in advance and sit with his mom in one of the front few rows since he wanted to see his beautiful angel closely while she sings.

He was so nervous and excited at the same time, he said to his mom, “Amma, this girl who is going to sing next is a close friend of mine, she is a north Indian and I think she will sing English songs but she is a nice singer.”

“North Indian girl, huh? Is she a girl friend or girl friend?”

He knew from his mom’s tone that she was sardonic and he realized he should have shut his mouth instead of blabbering.

The EmCee announced, “Put your hands together for the beautiful Kiara who is going to sing us all a lovely song”

Sriram looked at the dias, she looked most beautiful in the peacock blue kanchipuram silk saree with vibe blue border. He was awestruck and he stared at her beauty, he has never seen her this way.

She looked even more beautiful when she sang, “Aasai mugam maranthu pochey”. She would have mispronounced few words and missed the raga here and there but her beauty overpowered everything. The beauty of her heart which tried to make his mom happy was overpowering everything else.

At the end of the show, he sneaked out to talk to his angel. His mom’s voice came from his back, “Mahalakshmi maari iruka ma nee.”

FOOTNOTES: (translation) Amma – Mother; Aasai mugam maranthu pochey – A tamil carnatic song; Mahalakshmi maari iruka ma nee – you look like a goddess.

This story is written for Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 2014 -5 on topic “She looked most beautiful”

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I am S(t)ri



  1. What I loved the most is the Peacock blue kanjivaram 🙂 Nothing more Tam Brahm in the whole world 🙂 You can think of that too, for a madisar combo…Peacock blue with magenta 😀 Lovely story 🙂


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