Fishtail Braid – Trendy Thursdays

Hi Folks,

This Trendy Thursday I was wondering to write about something really trendy then I remembered that I always adored the fishtail braid which I rarely sport these days. As usual nostalgia hit hard and I so wanted to try it back but sadly I couldn’t make video of it so I searched for a really worthy and useful video in YouTube and embedding it here at the end of the post.

download (1)
Fishtail Braid – Tumblr Image

Fishtail braid is known as “4 kaal pinnal” in Tamizh (Courtesy: My Mom) and she had done this on my hair since childhood and as years go, we learnt new name and added accessories here and there and made this a new hair style. I still remember how we used to do this hairstyle on each other during hostel days. This one of our gang’s favorite hair style since it is traditional as well as trendy.

This braid has a lot of advantages, viz.,

  • Suits straight, wavy, and curly hair.
  • Matches with any outfit (Jeans, Dress, Salwar, Saris).
  • Comfortable since this is neither tight nor loose.
  • Not much accessories required (Just an elastic and a couple of bobby pins)

Some of the cons are;

  • Takes more time than normal braid.
  • Can be done effectively only on hair which are voluminous and below shoulder level length.
  • Doesn’t stay as long as 8+ hours. Good for a simple parties. If you want to make it stand longer you need to use sprays, gels, and professional expertise.

You can sport this hairstyle in two ways;

1. Clumsy and Casual Way: This is my favorite especially when you are wearing jeans, shorts, or any modern outfit. Deepika Padukone sports this look often.

Deepika – Fishtail Braid – Casual

2. Ethnic, Clean, and Side Swept Look: This is also a great way to sport a fishtail for formal occasions and parties where you will be sporting a ravishing sari or a dazzling dress. This however needs you to use hair gels, oils, or serums.

Ethnic and Formal Fishtail Braid

Interested? Do you want to sport this style on your hair? See this video for the step by step guide beautifully illustrated.

Drop in your thoughts and also your favorite hairstyles.

Images from: Tumblr

Video: YouTube

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I am S(t)ri


  1. Sigh! I wish my hair were this long and had the actual capacity to stay in one place for 6 seconds 😦
    I shall keep following your blog for more ‘Trendy Thursdays’ .
    Love the concept!


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