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Hi Folks,

So my best friend asked me to write about “Madisar”. Madisar sari is a 9 yards sari which can be in cotton, silk, or silk cotton. It is traditionally worn by married Brahmin women for important festivals and rituals. It has a unique style of draping which is different for Iyer and Iyengars (sub castes). As a Tamil Brahmin I always adored the Madisar and I am so excited about wearing it for my D-Day. (Only God knows, when?)

Madisars are mandatory to be worn on the wedding day in my household and other Brahmin households. Like how Christian girls dream about and plan their perfect wedding gown, we TamBrahm girls think and plan about perfect wedding Madisar amongst other stuffs. I have top 5 choices for my favorite Madisar and apparently I will own every single of them sooner but as of now I don’t have any Madisar and I am still confused about which to be worn on my D-Day (I am all dibs for number 5 in the list below). Lots of time is there so I will scrutinize again sooner. Here are my top 5 choices and preferences in reverse chronological order or preference.

  1. Red with Green Border: I always love the color Red especially after being brought up with lot of north Indian friends and having seen all the wedding lehangas in red, I so fell in love with this combination. Red is so divine and traditional. I also tried to buy normal saris and dresses in this color to check if that matches me and fortunately it did to a decent level. Still this is my 5th preference since the rest four are really much more exciting options.

    Red With Green Border
  2. Araku Color: Now that’s the traditional and most used Madisar color. Whenever I start scrutinizing the options my mom says “Araku than di edupa irukum” which means only the Araku color with accentuate well. This is the typical and traditional choice not by me but my mom and it is in the list at position 4. I don’t know what exact English name for Araku color is, do see the picture below and let me know the English equivalent.

    Araku Color
  3. Mango Yellow with Red & Green Border: This is my latest obsession after Indian Actress Sneha’s wedding with Actor Prasanna. She wore this on her wedding and I am so in love with this color combination and sadly this is not accentuating that well for me but nevertheless I will buy this combination just for the sake of it.

    Mango Yellow with Red & Green Border
  4. Blue and Maroon or Red Border: Who will say no to blue? I won’t because blue is my favorite color and it is one of the few colors that suit me so perfectly. I can go blindly with this option but owing to the fact the next color mentioned below looks the best on me, this combination takes a back seat.

    Blue and Maroon or Red Border
  5. Purple: I didn’t have even a faintest idea that Madisar saris come in this shade until my sister wore it on my nephew’s upanayanam (sacred thread ceremony) and I am really in love with this color since then and fortunately this color accentuates my look the best.


In many households, the selection of Madisar color by bride is prohibited and the groom side will traditionally buy araku color sari and stuff it on the bride but times are changed now and many of the groom’s parents take our choice into consideration. As of me, if I am not allowed to wear purple then I am going to marry you Mr. Future Prince Charming!

Okay, so what is your favorite color shade of Madisar, girls? All the TamBrahm boys out there, which color you prefer on your girl or future girl? Comment below…

Pictures were taken from RMKV Website and Pinterest.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. i do have a coffee podi brown madisar which is so nice for nombu and simpler occasions though my wedding madisar had to be “the Arakku” . I also have a yellow with green border which is out of the world. The grace of a madisar is unparalleled!!!


  2. Good blog S(t)ri ! i love the arakku colour ones…I am reading all the wedding “wednesday pages”.. I am a bride-to-be 🙂


  3. Purple colored saree with a mild orange border is one I’ve been imagining.. Haven’t seen this combination though… 😀 The jarigai on orange border looks great… But the Mango Yellow with Red and Green is the classic combination.. It suits best for almost anyone! Nice post! 🙂


  4. And one more thing, we have functions like karadaiyan nombu, varalakshmi vratham, seemandham, upanayanam, or sumangali prarthanai or grihapravesam, or poojas like ganapathi homam… etc etc…where we need to wear the 9 gajam…so better invest on something you love 🙂


  5. Hai S(t)ri 🙂

    My Mangalya dharana 9 gajam is exactly the blue-maroon combination. The only condition which I had while choosing dresses for wedding was that ” enakku araku colour madisar vendam… vere entha coloura irunthalum ok, araku vendam… bore adichachu pathu pathu ” 😀

    The pics look good too 🙂 The Purple one is good too, And have you seen a pink one ? Not the light colour, but something between pink and the first shade of magenta…that with purple/golden intertwined border looks good 😀


    • Thanks 🙂 And I have come across such a saree but I don’t have the picture. When I see it next time I will click and post it. And blue, maroon is an awesome combo! 🙂


  6. Yay 🙂 the post is so gud with pics and all that. My mom takes after every other mom out here asking me to stick only to “arakku” color. Now she has added up that after wedding also for few occasions (Seemandham and etc) one has to wear the same “Mangalya dharana ombodhu gajam” 😉
    Getting colored ones after the wedding, hardly anyone will notice..because there will not be much of public occasions! So better to stick to colored ones for D-day and then to arakku for all other occasions is my personal opinion which popped up in me very recently 😛


  7. Me : amma, en friend ipdi solliruka, Do I really have a choice??
    Mom : Acchu picchu mathiri ethathu ularathey!! Mangalya dhanathappo arakku than kattikanum…kalyanamanathuku aprom korathi maari enna colour venalum pottukodi ma..
    Me : -_-
    If we really do, I wud opt mayilkazhuthu colour with olive green border.


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