She Had The Last Laugh – Write Tribe Prompt Saturdays

She had the last laugh is an idiom which means “to make someone who has criticized or defeated you look stupid by succeeding at something more important or by seeing them fail”. I have written 3 stories with diverse usage of the same phrase.

Response 1: (This is with the original idiom usage):

Swetha was standing in front of the wedding hall gazing up to see “Arundathi Star” (a post-wedding ritual) along with Sanjay. Kunal stared at them from the crowd with utter disgust and hatred. Kunal was Sanjay’s elder brother, he had rejected her alliance (arranged marriage proposal) stating she was dark. She felt lost, criticized, and defeated for no mistake of hers. Sanjay befriended her later through facebook and they fell in love. He loved her for what she was and he finally succeeded in marrying her. She had her last laugh as Sanjay held her hand and smiled at her. 

 The other two views won’t stick on to the idiom aptly but still I loved writing them.

Response 2: (I have used the phrase “She had the last laugh”)

Katherine was standing in the entrance of Chennai Central; she was waiting for Alex to pick her up. She had gone to a medical camp in Warangal and she was pretty excited to meet him after 14 long days. She saw him approaching her, she wondered how even his mere presence gave her goose bumps, he was on the opposite side of the road and after seeing her he called to her mobile and said she was beautiful. She blushed and laughed in shyness. A speeding lorry hit him when he was crossing the road; she had the last laugh.

People think I give a lot of sad endings and in my stories 😛 which I indeed do. So let’s see another response by me for the same prompt.

Response 3: (I have used the idiom “She had the last laugh” but with a twist)

Shravanti walked off briskly from the Café Coffee Day after shouting “It’s Over Aman”. She was hurt and her heart was burning, yeah it was burning not paining. She thought, “How could Aman be so rude to her and how dare he call her B*TCH?” She reached almost the entrance of the Express Avenue to go out but he came in front of her and apologized on his knees in front of the whole crowd. She had the last laugh on her face seeing his funny act before she melted into his arms and kissed him in an epic style.

 – These stories were written for “100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 4″, a Write Tribe prompt for the above shown picture. Each story has exactly 100 words.



  1. I believe you have got the meaning wrong in both the stories.
    Do correct me if I am wrong.. “having the last laugh” means taking the final revenge/mocking laughter.

    She had her last laugh.. is what you are meaning to say in the first paragraph, right?

    And in the second, I believe the phrase is misplaced. She can not have her revenge if she wants to forgive him and melt into his arms na?

    I could be wrong.. but just thought I’d give an honest opinion.


    • In the first story (Response 2) I have used just the words “She had the last laugh” as the phrase itself and not as the idiom. In the second story (Response 3), I have used the idiom, “she had her last laugh” – because she was made him fall for her or she defeated him when he apologized on his knees. After that she can forgive because who said you can’t love back after the revenge? Thanks for giving your honest opinion and I do know the meaning of the idiom given, just that I wrote in a different way. By the way I have added one more story (Response 1) which is conventional and strictly adhering to the idiom, you can check that now.


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