Celebrate National Compliment Day – Write Tribe Prompt

Hi Folks,

Jan 24 was celebrated as Compliment Day and thus I go this prompt from Write Tribe. So What I have to do according to the prompt is “Write about the best compliment(s), I have ever received” and compliment 5 bloggers today. So here it goes, the first task. I am jotting down top 5 compliments I have ever received by different people in my life.


Compliment others in a right way!

1. My Mom – Mom comes first isn’t it?

I and my mom always have this little morning talks during 7 A.M to 7:15 AM over our cup of coffee or tea. So, one such morning few months back she was as usual gossiping about neighbors and relatives. Then she suddenly said, “When I am dead, you will the only one who can manage the rest of the family in a manner similar to mine”. I am the youngest daughter and my mom entrusting me than my elder sisters is definitely a big compliment. Above all if mom says only I can be like her that’s really big especially if your mom is your role model.

2. My Sister – She is my second mom

After reading my blog post on a write tribe prompt titled “Sometimes The Heart Sees What Is Invisible To The Eye” she pinged me on Facebook and said “You are a romantic writer and in fact you rekindle the romance in me through your words, I wish you were a writer when I was young so that I would have used your ideas on my guy”. My sister is 18 years elder to me and she is an avid reader, when she says my writing does a magic to her then I really feel proud.

3. One of my Best Friends or may be my Birthday Buddy (I and he share our birthdays – LEO Pride):

Although am a writer who writes mostly on romance, at a personal level I have lost a lot of hope on weddings and love. I mostly confine my romantic fantasies within my writings. So when I said him I am afraid to date and when I asked who will even date me, he replied “You’re 23, Single, Attractive and Intelligent. Why wouldn’t anyone want to date you?! You’re super cool”. If it was from a normal guy or a random guy, i would have rated this a worst pick up line but a best friend boosting your mood and when he says he really means it (I know, he is after all my best friend) then that’s like huge. Especially when a guy calls you intelligent instead of sexy 😛

4. A FB friend – a blog reader:

So there is this Facebook friend of mine who is almost age of my mother. She is a really good friend and she is intellectual. She reads my blogs and comments her genuine feedback. One day out of the blue I was in for a surprise when she had written this on my FB timeline, “Sri… Just now went through your blog.. No words to convey my feelings.. I am proud that I am friend to such a talented young lady…” That was really a moment that gave me happy tears.

5. A Professional Freelance EmCee and Trainer:

I was EmCee for my company’s corporate show. I was asked to be the EmCee just a day before, and we worked everything out super fast and I had a professional EmCee to be my co-host. So after the end of the successful show, he said to me “You are awesome, spontaneous, and your vocabulary is fabulous even better than mine. Try to be a full time professional EmCee, you will rock.” The compliment from horse’s mouth. That’s huge. ain’t it?

It was really good to remember these moments and cherish it. Now, what are you waiting for? Compliment the ones who deserve it, you never knew what one small compliment of yours will do to their entire life. Thanks to everyone who had complimented me till today and am even more thankful to my critics because without their constant criticism, these compliments wouldn’t have been possible.

P.S: I am including this as today’s Muaaah Monday post too, since being complimented is such a Muaaah Moment.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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