My List of Three Reasons to turn down a Marriage Proposal – Prompt!

Hi Folks,

This is a prompt which I chose from a site that gives creative writing prompts for writers. Since I am a typical TamBrahm ( 😛 ), I will adhere to strictly the realistic ways in which a modern TamBrahm girl rejects a Marriage Proposal (Read as Arranged Marriage Proposal). These reasons were used by me and my friends to reject the proposal 😛


Disclaimer: This is 100% percent for fun and entertainment. No hate mails please. S(t)ri is really having a bad hair day. Don’t make it worse 🙂

#1: Arggghhh – The name!

My mom sweetly brings the laptop to show me the guys who has matching horoscope and also she proudly says, “Hey, horoscope match is so perfect with these 3 guys and even they like your photo and profile”.

Me (checking the name): “Rangarajan, Venkatgiri, Ramanujam – Mom are these guys’ name or their fathers’ name?”

Mom: Don’t tease like that, all are God names, what’s your problem? Even your name is God’s name, you shortened it to Stri now so it became stylish.

Me: You have a stylish surname “Indrasenan” – my dad’s name. I alone will suffer with these? I won’t and yeah I shortened my name. Ask these guys to shorten their name to Ram, Venkat, etc and come.

Mom: *does a facepalm*


#2 – Arghhh – The place!

So again mom brings guys with matching horoscope and stylish names like Sanjay, Vikram, etc. (yeah that’s stylish by TamBrahm standards). I check the location (place of living), the places are Thenkasi,  Ghazidabad, Vadodara, Meerut, etc.

Me: I haven’t seen these places even in business game. I am not going to remote places like that.

Mom: You can’t get married to Triplicane (my home) guy, marriage proposal came from various places.

Me: You alone was brought up in Purashawakkam (Chennai) and got married to Triplicane (Chennai), Why can’t I?

Mom: *scolds me and goes away.*


#3 – Posh Posh Firangi Indians

Mom finds few really worthy candidates who got stylish names and who dwell in USA, UK, Malaysia. *The Faarrin Maapilai (Foreign Groom)*

Me: I am not going to other country like a tapeworm struck to his host. If I go to another nation it will be by my own hard earned money and I am not staying in another country like forever. I am a desi girl. Jai Hind. *Le me starts singing Vande Mataram*

Mom goes away with an angry glare.


There are lots more of reasons on which me and my scrutinize the marriage proposals. She hates joint family while I want brother in law, sister in laws. She likes either NRI groom or groom from silent localities (rural or semi urban places) while I want to stay in metropolitan areas. My mom wants caste, sub caste, horoscope, gothram etc to be perfect while I want just the caste to be same. Likewise our list goes on.

My Dad: In a similar way the guys’ family will be scrutinizing your daughter’s profile. So be generous and polite. Select someone who is a teetotaler with a good pay! (See, he has his own worries).

Me: What’s the point if he is a teetotaler and earns more? He doesn’t know how to enjoy life then! I won’t marry such a guy.

Mom & Dad: If you keep talking this way, you won’t get married but we will go mad soon.

Me: Stri Happy Annachi! 😛 (It’s a tamil movie dialogue, means I am Happy).

P.S: This is just my take on the prompt. No offence meant and I am not really interested in these so called arranged marriages but apparently I might end up doing arranged marriage. As I said earlier, don’t send hate mails or don’t be angry. Take it in a light manner. If guys are thinking my reasons are so silly, I can show sillier reasons which guys state to reject girls in my next post.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. Girl! I love you! And my talks with my amma appa are going to be the same just a couple of months down the line! And I mean, exact same. Copy paste! Its like awaiting my doomsday, only thing, I have a feeling it’ll extend for years even!


  2. Too good a post 🙂 loved it and laughed too! Apart from name, place and etc we have few other reasons also and SPOT REJECT them. Nowadays my mom herself checks out some 100 profiles, filters to 10 and I advance filter it to zero 😀
    Hi-5 for metropolitan guys! 😛


  3. Hahaha.. U made me laugh like hell.. By the by, Vadodara, Ghagiyabad and Meerut are not rural areas dear…:) Anyhow thoroughly enjoyed.. But one thing.. I sympathise wt your parents.. Lol..


    • Thanks Jai and I am happy to know you laughed. By the way, I know they aren’t rural places, if you have read my response to that I said I don’t want groom from “remote places” or small towns. I wanted metropolitan city based grooms 😛 🙂 Ha ha ya, I too sympathize with them 🙂


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