Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye – Write Tribe – Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 4

The alarm was buzzing with “Wake up, wake up it is a brand new day!” tone and Shravanti had already snoozed it 2 times, she opened one of her eyes to see the time on her iPhone, it was 7:01 AM. “What the fuck?” she murmured and woke up with a jerk. She rushed to her washroom, it was occupied. She knocked it and asked, “Anirudh, how much more time?” She wasn’t patient for his response; she marched to the other washroom and came out after 30 minutes. She had bathed and was in her bath robe. It was too late she thought, walking up 30 minutes late than the normal time on a working Wednesday is completely disastrous. She hasn’t made breakfast yet, she has to get ready and leave for the office in another 30 minutes since she has a client meeting. How will she manage cooking, getting ready, and go through the presentation in thirty minutes? “Oh shit, I need to go the petrol bunk since her Scooty ran out of petrol last night and already she had pushed the vehicle for 5 minutes in spite of her menstrual cramps”, she thought.

She got ready in fifteen minutes and saw her husband Anirudh getting ready too. She went inside kitchen to at least give him corn flakes and she asked him, “Can you eat lunch outside today?” Shravanti expected him to object but to her surprise he came near her, made her sit on the dining table and gave her a bowl of corn flakes with milk and sat with her to eat. She was awestruck since Anirudh rarely enters kitchen and he has never did this before. She thought he would be angry on her and scold her for previous night’s fight, walking up late, and also for not cooking. She thought he might interpret that she intentionally woke up late but to her surprise he pushed a sticky note towards her with a pinned 5-star chocolate in it. It read, “Lunch date with me babe?” She was so overwhelmed. She was choking in happiness; she replied in a choking voice, “Of course love”. She was eating fast since she had to leave soon; she was so tired to drive to her office. Then her phone buzzed, she opened to see a whatsapp message with “Can I have the pleasure of dropping you at your office?” followed by a car emoticon. She was on cloud nine; she replied with a “The pleasure is all mine” with a heart smiley.

They ate peacefully and started to office in Anirudh’s Red Honda Brio. She was munching her 5-star, her mood swings were getting better. She asked him, “Why taking pains of dropping me? Your office is in the entirely opposite direction.” He smiled; she went on asking, “Anirudh, I am sorry. I had been rude since last night and…” she paused thinking how to explain her situation. He stopped the car in the signal; he kissed her cheek and said, “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes.” She had goose bumps, her tummy ached a little not because of the cramps but because she had that “butterflies in my stomach” feel she had when he first proposed her. She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t worry; she just moved a little close and kissed on his lips. He responded back with full passion. The signal’s timer was ticking from 76 to 00; the kiss was finally broken by blaring noise of honking vehicles. She felt alive and rejuvenated while he felt addicted and intoxicated. They blushed at each other as if they were pair of teenagers who kissed for the first time. He was driving and she opened the presentation and tried to concentrate on it. Finally, he dropped her at her office and said “take care, Princess”. She replied in her blushing, full-of-love voice “you too, my dear Prince Charming”. She was sure that the kiss, the way of calling each other ‘prince charming and princess’ after their college days has rekindled the romance which was lost in course of time. As she entered the lift, she remembered what he said “Sometimes heart sees what is invisible to the eyes”.


Love is not a perfect fairy tale because your Prince Charming or Princess might have struck in some invisible pole; close your eyes and open your heart to rekindle romance and make fairy tale out of your monotonous life.

The above story is a piece of fiction written by me for Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 4.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. such acts are what I call acts of true love and valour, which only knights in shining armours can do…. a pleasant reality .loved it for its ‘understanding quotient’.Kokila


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