Groomsmen & Bridesmaids – Wedding Wednesdays

Hi Folks,

Feels good to be writing Wedding Wednesdays after like so many weeks which were skipped *sighs*. This Wedding Wednesday I wanted to share with you something which is clearly neglected in most of the Indian weddings. Yeah, as the title suggests the concept is “Groomsmen & Bridesmaids”. In desi (but non-christian) weddings, mostly there is no bridesmaid or groomsmen especially if the weddings happen in India.


Your best friend deserves something special on your wedding – ain’t it?

(Pic taken from Etsy)

I and my nephew came across one interesting post in FB, it said;

Weddings in other countries: Bride and Groom marry. Friends & Families attend.

Weddings in India: Between two families, the bride and groom take part.

We felt it was indeed true. In many weddings, I attend I have felt the bride and groom themselves are so clueless of what is happening and we friends stand and watch like it is some unknown language movie going on. I don’t blame or criticize, in fact I am a huge fan of “Big Fat Indian Weddings”. However, it is always okay to add some innovation or break some rules. I always wanted to adopt many things from the English Wedding viz. the veil, the tiara, the wedding gown, bridesmaids, the kiss and so on. However, I adore getting married in Madisar more. Well so instead to completely westernizing I suggest my friends to actually follow few customs from the stuffs we like.

Previously, in South Indian Weddings, brides wore only silk sarees with huge borders, now they have changed to Lehangas for reception. Similarly, in North Indian Weddings’ Sangeet Ceremony mostly brides confined to Lehanga or Salwar now they opt for cocktail dresses. Likewise one thing I suggest to be included is the concept of “Bridesmaid and Groomsmen”. This is no new concept in Tamizh people call it as “Manapen thozhi, Maapilai thozhan”, but the thing is what exactly is their role? I hardly noticed them doing anything than act like a personal assistant standing nearby the couple.

Instead, I suggest the brides-to-be and grooms-to-be to include a Sangeet or Reception wherein their bridesmaid and groomsman can talk about the bride and groom respectively. Additionally, have a pre and/or post wedding photo shoot with them. This way you can give some additional importance to that best friend of yours on your wedding. I can hear your mind voices now, what if we have more than one best friend? Who said you can’t have more than one bridesmaid or groomsman?

I am definitely trying this for my Wedding (which is not in near future). However, before I get wed I will come with many more such ideas which I will gladly share with you here in this column each week.

P.S: I am not going to bother if my guy is going to have groomsmaids because I might have bridesmen πŸ˜› may sound funny but what’s point in living if you can’t be little crazy?

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. I am not against the idea, but how much one middle class family will plan to spend on the wedding is the million $ question.

    Wedding hall, food, Vaathiyaar and the crowd will take the major chunk of the money that were saved for the marriage. If we go in Sangeeth, mehandi day, costumes i do not think it will be viable for the middle class families.

    It can only be adopted by families who wants to show their money strength to the world and not by others. Pre-wedding shoot, sangeeth, mehandi show will be extra burden for middle class families and for other side of the people it will be fun.


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