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It’s been a lousy and lazy Sunday, *fever, cold, cough, throat infection, running nose* sighs. Well, I am overwhelmed for more than one reasons, firstly I am S(t)ri blog has got 5000+ hits in less than three months, a small feather to my blogging cap; secondly, I have been getting really good comments about the blog posts both over here as well as in my personal inbox of FB. Thanks a ton to all of you. And coming to today’s post it is yet another Muaaah Moment but then this will be a short story instead of a normal post and this was a prompt given by a very good friend of mine. The prompt was to write “Brother-Sister relationship after Sister’s Wedding”.


So here is my short story on it;

Swetha’s phone rang with “Make Some Noise for the Desi Boys” ringtone, Sanjay gave her an offensive look. She and Sanjay got married just a couple of months back and they are still in the process of getting to know each other. One thing Swetha understood in this two months was that Sanjay was an introvert, he rarely mingled with people, and apparently he hated loud noise. That was the reason for the lousy look since he hated that song. This is not the first time she is getting that look from him. She picked the call and went out to talk to her little brother, Nirmal. Nirmal was a down to earth guy she has ever met, there relationship wasn’t exactly like how a normal brother-sister’s would be, they had no rivalry, none at all. They cared for each other and loved unconditionally. They never gave up on one another.

Nirmal was in his joyous voice he was almost singing to her, “I won this Employee of the year in my office, I wish I could sing”.

Swetha was happy, in fact delighted because it was one of Nirmal’s goals which he had set at the starting of the year, she was wordless, “I am so happy, I just don’t know what to say about it, I wish you are here. I am literally jumping”.

Sanjay’s voice came from her back, “If your brother-sister pampering is over, can you get me a cup of tea?”

Swetha so wanted to tell Sanjay on his face that she is talking to her brother and it is not a crime to make tea by oneself for a single day but she stopped the urge to blast on him and signaled 2 minutes, using her fingers. Sanjay murmured (little loudly) that, “What on the earth, these people talk always? He calls at least two times a day and speaks for half an hour. So irritating.”

Swetha’s voice choked, and Nirmal could feel the change in her breathing, he questioned her, “Akka (Sis), what happened?” She promptly replied, “Nothing da, I am just so happy that’s all. Listen da, your attimber(sister’s husband) wants tea it seems, I will call you once he leaves to office”.

Nirmal was disappointed but he said “Okay” with a faking smile. She disconnected the phone and her cursed Sanjay and the society in her thoughts. She couldn’t speak to her brother for a while without getting all these scoldings and offensive looks from her husband. She had a drop of tear that was trembling down her eyes, she wiped it away and made tea for Sanjay.

Sanjay took the tea, drank it, put down his newspaper, and left to the office. She sat there on the swing with her tea and wondered the striking difference between her husband and brother. There is Nirmal who could understand her change in mood from her breathing and there was Sanjay who clearly avoids even her tears.

She didn’t hate Sanjay for this silly reason but she did hate the society that made women get separated from their siblings and parents. Knowing that she can do nothing about it she left to cook. Somehow midst of all these chaos her day was good because Nirmal has messaged, “I understand and I will always”.

P.S: This is just my take on the prompt. I don’t blame all the husbands out there, I have met few down to earth guys who don’t interfere with their Wife’s relationship with her siblings but since this was a prompt given, I thought writing on negative aspect will be more apt. This is absolutely a piece of fiction and please be kind in your comments because S(t)ri is already ill.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


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