If I cared a little more – 100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 3 – Write Tribe Prompt

If I cared a little more:

Sonia had lot of stuffs to be purchased for Diwali since this is the first festival her family is going to celebrate after a long gap of two years. She was 5 months pregnant so Rahul, her husband accompanied her in shopping. In the sweet stall she saw a cute boy kid keeping his hands on his mouth after playing with the dustbin, she involuntarily went and cleaned his hand with her saree and said “That’s unclean”. Everyone stared in bewilderment, only she and her husband knew that her 6-year old son died 2 years back due to food poisoning.


-This story was written for “100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 3″, a Write Tribe prompt for the above shown picture. The story has exactly 100 words.



  1. I have seen the frenzy of some of my friends who are moms, about their kids eating something wrong … after reading your post I could relate to their fear…nice


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