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Hi Folks,

I am really happy today, oh not because of the #100HAPPYDAYS thing that I am taking part in. If you are unsure of what that happy days stuff is then click here. My happiness is for a different reason, well the reason is I am writing this post. I am always open to people giving me topics or prompts to write about. That’s how few of my posts are written. This post is no exception. A friend of mine (a guy in fact) gave me a picture prompt with the word “MEN”. He wants to know my perception about it. He told me to write my exact thoughts about men and here it goes.


The Picture that was given as Prompt

Well, Men Men where do I start about them? Or even what do I write about them? I am not a Daddy’s girl. Neither I am close to any uncles nor I have own brothers. All I know about men and my perception on them is from friends and strangers. I somehow take that as an advantage because I wouldn’t be at least prejudged about them. When I talk about feminism or talk against a man mostly I am branded to be a feminist or worst female chauvinist. I actually prefer to be named as feminist than chauvinist. Well, coming back to the topic. I do adore men. Yeah, you heard me right. I do adore them not physically, not sexually but as a fellow human being I adore them and consider them as equal.

Men are strong or that’s what I have perceived since childhood. I feel strangely secure when I am with a guy especially if he is my friend. I definitely know they can’t fight a lion to save me but definitely they won’t make me panic when the lion is coming (We gals do panic and make others panic too, ain’t it?) We all, including me always say that men aren’t understanding, men are not expressive, men are not this, that, etc but what we fail to understand is that they are programmed to be like that way. Yeah, men are poor in face reading, they can’t get out hints. Instead of blaming them, why can’t we just say it on their face? No, they won’t feel offensive if we ask them straight on their face.

Similarly, men can’t listen. We do have our girl BFFs, soul sisters for that job. We can’t force them to listen. It is like forcing us to read maps. One more thing, you can’t order them to ask for directions, it is like insulting not just them but their whole dynasty. Furthermore, girls should understand that we want it down, they want it up (Oh, you dirty minds, I meant the toilet seat). When they don’t nag us to leave it up, why we nag them to leave it down? No, mauve is not a color in fact it is not even a word for them and peach is a fruit.

While these are some striking differences and problems girls face with men, shall we discuss the positives now?

  1. Men won’t fake orgasms, so when they get it you can be sure that they really enjoyed it 😛 . Same way they don’t fake their tears (Okay, at least most of them won’t) So if a guy cries for you or to you then he means it.
  2. They may look dumb, but they aren’t. They will remember routes and addresses. What if they forget your birthday or anniversary? You can remind them but imagine when you and your man walk into woods and he forgets the return route? I am sure I won’t remember the route so it is good that men concentrate on important things like routes than birthdays.
  3. They will fix it all. They are your guardian angels. Trust them. They will definitely fix it all at least if they couldn’t fix it they will make you feel less worried. Ever tried telling your worst problem to a male friend and female friend and compared their results? Do it, you will understand what I mean.

Finally, I would like you all to watch this wonderful video about how good men are indeed. We fail to notice the tiny things they do for us, this video describes it to the maximum detail.

This may come as surprise to many of you but indeed these are my heartfelt views and understanding about men. To wind it up all, my take on handling men (yeah, they are kids, you have to handle them) is just one clear piece of advice;

Dear girls,

Men are not toys, they aren’t robots. They are like us just that they are a different us. Love the similarities and appreciate the differences. Love them yet make them feel free.

P.S: I am not saying all men are great. There are few really irritating, annoying, and unfit men who rape, molest, harass, insult, bully other human beings – I exclude them from the list of human beings. Secondly, girls, I am not saying men are perfect and we ain’t, I am just saying this is men and this is us. Why try to change them.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

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