Top 30 Things in my handbag – Trendy Thursdays

Hi Folks,

Yet another Wedding Wednesday was missed, don’t curse me because I was super busy yesterday doing a secret surprise work which I will reveal soon to you all. So here I am back to my cozy workplace and updating you the Trendy Thursday with the age old secret “What is there inside a ladies handbag?”


My brother teases that I bewitched my bag with the undetectable extension charm since it looks so small but I used to get lot of things out from it.

Phew, I don’t hide porn CDs or nude pics there so I can leave my handbag anywhere and everywhere. We have been brought up in a society where a men touching or fiddling a ladies handbag is a taboo. Well, I don’t think so. Half the time I ask my brother or male friends to get a stuff out of my handbag and give me. If you know me or if you are my friend then you know how big handbag I carry always. In fact my bestie (he is a guy, obviously) asks me why do I carry such a huge handbag even when I have to come to a temple. Seriously, I don’t know why but I am used to it.

My handbag (in fact any ladies’ bag) is a survival kit. Another close friend of mine once said, “Man, steal Sri’s bag and you have a survival kit for 6 months”. Yeah, that’s true my bag is almost a survival kit. So what is in it? Here is my list.

  1. Journal and a Pen – Oh boss, am a writer. So this is my prime need.
  2. A can of water – Not that I don’t drink outside water but this is a safety measure and many a times I and my friends have been benefited.
  3. Mouth Freshner or Chewing Gums – I don’t know if kiss can happen anywhere but Onions do pop up in every meal, so.
  4. Hand Sanitizer – Seriously, this is mandatory.
  5. Wet Tissues – especially if am travelling a lot.
  6. Napkin/a large kerchief.
  7. Cell phone charger – This is survival kit essential 😛
  8. Chocolates – Mood Swings, periods, frustrations, anger occur anytime.
  9. A novel – at times people get boring, but a novel doesn’t (at least for me).
  10. Spare mobile – Oh am addicted to my smart phone, so I do have a spare mobile in case my Lumia goes off (which it rarely does).
  11. Face wash – I am not a big fan of make up so to look my best in an impromptu meet all I need is a face wash.
  12. Socks – I easily get cold, so socks are mandatory for my office, theaters, and malls.
  13. Watch – My watch will be inside my bag more than on my wrist.
  14. Hair Clutch – At times I do get bored of putting my hair down.
  15. Hair bands – At times I really want to put a high pony tail.
  16. Specs – Oh yeah, am a writer and a nerd. To show that I do carry it but rarely wear it.
  17. A mini make up kit which contains – Mascara, eyeliner, lip balm/gloss. Seriously man, that’s it. You can check my bag.
  18. Bindi – You never knew which aunt will pop up from where.
  19. Pepper Spray – for the obvious reasons.
  20. A pocket knife – for the obvious reasons and also to cut any fruit I wish to eat 😛
  21. Fruits – I live on fruits so I do carry a small box of fruits when I start from home.
  22. Sanitary Napkins.
  23. Headphones – Music is the elixir.
  24. Umbrella – In Chennai, carry Umbrella all the 365 days and they are handy since it is either the scorching sun or the bashing rain.
  25. Scarf/stole – At times to over my head and at times to give a am-homely-girl look.
  26. Wallet – Damn, I will be dead without this and this again has some 10 items inside.
  27. Tissues – I store the ones I get in Escape, Satyam, McD, KFC they come handy.
  28. Tomato Ketchup Sachets and Italian Seasonings – Again taken from the Pizza hut, KFCs, and McDs. At times they are useful.
  29. A small diary with my name, phone number, contact address, blood group and my mother’s and sister’s details. You never know what might happen to you (God forbid) and at least your loved ones should be informed 😦
  30. Finally my favorite hand toy. I love it and I carry it, it is of palm size.

If you are going to ask me why my phone is not in the list, then the answer is my phone will be in my hand. So guys, this is what will be inside a girl’s bag and there is no magic or wand in it.

So this was my list. What is yours? Share it with me.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. In this list I have just 11/30 😛
    In addition to this, I have a comb, pendrive, usb cable, perfume, electral (Believe me, this has helped many of my co-passengers whom I dont even know ) membership cards of parlor, eateries which are too big to be inserted in a wallet, a scribbling pad and other minute things like safety pins, hairpins as I go by the proverb (Even a small stick can be used as a toothpick ! 😉 )


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