A Child is mother of the woman – Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 3

Hi Folks,

This post is written as the response to the Wednesday Prompt by Write Tribe. This Wednesday they have given a picture prompt and the picture is as shown below;


Daughter is mother of the woman!!!


This is a story which I am going to narrate here. Shalini is a 28 year old, enthusiastic and successful fashion designer. She has that perfect fairy tale romance and wedding. If at all anyone wants to know about happiness and life they must see Shalini because at 28 she has everything she always desired for; a top-notch designer post, a loving husband, and a cute daughter Riya.

One lovely Friday evening, Riya and Shalini finish their Diwali shopping and return to their home from the Express Avenue mall. Her posh and suave black Audi zoomed past the other vehicles making them look cheap. She put the vehicle to a halt when she saw the red light on the signal. She relaxed and turned to her left to look at her daughter who was happily gazing outside. She gazed back at the timer in the signal it showed 79 seconds, she sighed and was gazing bluntly. At a fraction of a second various things were happening. A small beggar kid was marching towards the car, she didn’t give much importance to the kid but just noticed that she was around as old as Riya. She was malnourished and almost naked except for the torn tee shirt that covered till her thighs. She gazed back at the timer it showed 66 seconds. She was waiting eagerly since she has a parlor appointment in half an hour.

Riya disturbed her thoughts by shouting in her chirpy voice to open the door. Riya had removed her shoes and her overcoat and was holding it in her hand. Shalini was clueless, the timer was showing 55 seconds, she opened the door of the car for Riya else she knows Riya won’t stop shouting. She was wondering what Riya was going to do. She hurriedly jumped down from the car and gave her shoes and over coat to the girl who was begging and she hurriedly hopped back to the car and shut the door. Shalini double checked the door. She was stunned, should she appreciate Riya or scold her. She checked with the timer it was 9 seconds now. She gazed back at Riya and the girl child outside. They both were smiling at each other and for some vague reasons the smiles were similar. Two, little, naive girls of same age were different in their lifestyle – who should be cursed for this?

They reached home and Shalini didn’t say or ask a word to Riya about this but gave Riya a tight hug. Shalini hurried into her room, not to get ready for the salon appointment but she took few of her used clothes which was no longer used by her and she immediately called her maid and asked her to distribute this among the fellow maids. Umpteen number of times she has neglected when maid asked her for used clothes, she always treasured her dresses and shoes more than other human but today her daughter had given away her favorite shoes and overcoat to a kid on the road without even expecting a thanks. At times child indeed is the father of man and today her daughter proved that she was indeed a mother to her.

Things are to be used, people are to be loved. At times, in fact many a times it is done the other way round.

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I am S(t)ri



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