Dance Like Noone is Watching – Time pass Tuesdays

Hi Folks,

This Time pass Tuesday I wish to write a post about one of the most weird and Stupid Time pass incident of my life. Of course you will get more posts on crafts and arts in the forthcoming weeks. I saw this picture recently in FB and thus I remembered this incident.


Dance, Love, Sing, Live

It was one really hectic and tired evening and apparently it was a Wednesday evening. I really hate Wednesdays more than Mondays. Reason is simple, I feel so tired and hectic and for unknown reason the Wednesdays seem so longer. During school days,  generally Wednesdays have the double social period which is a pain on the ass 😦 . I really wanted to just hop on to the bed and sleep after the hectic day. However, I couldn’t because firstly it was only 7 PM, secondly my nephew Rahul wanted to give me treat (I generally get excited by the word “treat”, so will all of us – ain’t it?) and finally my mom was so nagging (extra-nagging) that evening.

To get a relief I gladly accepted Rahul’s offer to dine out. Our usual dhaba was so filled that we moved to a regular South Indian food joint. Since the topic is related to Dance and Time pass I will cut short the background details here and move to the main scene. After dinner, we planned to grab a ice cream and take a lonely road back home. Those kinds of roads which will be pitch dark and never ending. It would have been a great romantic ambiance just that I was with my nephew-brother-son and not with a BF. Yeah, Rahul is like a little brother and son although in real he is my nephew. So we started singing (in fact screaming) aloud. We started with the romantic “hum mar jayenge – aashiqui 2” and then shifted to the “Give me some sunshine” before completing it with the conventional and the loud “Radha – on the dance floor”.

To add more flavor to the songs we started dancing on the road while eating our cone ice cream. We did this on the road fully till we reached the main road and we had walked slowly to the full end of the street that we took 20 minutes to walk a distance that will take 5 mins. Finally when we reached the end of the road, two policemen who had seen the whole scene stopped us. I and Rahul saw two men-like figures standing next to each other in the end of the street and we jokingly teased that they were indeed Dostana – Part 3 since it was unusual for two men to stand so close for so long.

And once we reached the end of the road and realized it was the policemen, we couldn’t stop laughing. Our good luck, our posh looking night wear(adidas and reebok tracks) and the fact that he had seen us before – we were left without even a single question but after a heavy warning that “It is highly unsafe to walk on lonely roads and it is really foolish to dance on the streets” (What he exactly said was “Ipdi road la kuthuadichitu adindu paadindu vantha kudikara pasanga nu nenaipanga – ponga poi ceedu serunga paatha chinna pasangala irukeenga”). We somehow tried to stop giggling and exactly when we moved away we saw the shadow of the two policemen at it look kinda unacceptable (Imagine how the shadow will be if two men stand at back of one another) so I and Rahul immediately turned to check out 😛 *Dirty Minds* and we walked away when we saw that it was nothing but our illusion.

We came home and were laughing by replaying every single scene in our mind. We didn’t have enough if dancing so we were still dancing.

Dancing, Singing, and Laughter are the best and most effective Time pass than anything else.

Love & cheers,


I am S(t)ri


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