Preeti Shenoy in Chennai – Muaaah Mondays

Hi Folks,

Happiness is Bookstore, Happiness is meeting Best Friend, Happiness is being with your Mentor-Fav.Author šŸ™‚ I had triple happiness on January 10 2013, when I attended Preeti Shenoy’s Radio Show. This picture below says about the event.


The Poster about the Event

As soon I saw this poster, I rescheduled my work schedule and took permission. I reached TTK road by 5:40 PM, well in advance than the show. Preeti Shenoy is not just a best seller but a wonderful human. I have known her during the TedX talks she gave in my college days and also through FB, Twitter and E-mails. She too arrived way before the start of the show. Thus, she spent some quality time with every individual who came soon. I spoke a lot, she patiently listened and gave me some quality advice which was both acceptable and feasible. I like every other fan of hers clicked a picture with her and took her autograph.


That’s me & Preeti

After this started the Radio Show where she was interviewed by RJ Jane of Chennai Live. Here is the gist of the whole interview (I am not giving away much, since the interview will be aired the forthcoming week).

Preeti answered questions regarding TOUCH (The One You Cannot Have), her personal life, her other books, writing style. She also gave certain quality advice about relationships, love, career, and tips for first time novelists. To hear the full interview, tune in to Chennai Live on Saturday afternoons.

Few things that I noticed about Preeti Shenoy on that particular day was;

  1. She is energetic and full of life – She thanks Yoga, reading and writing for it.
  2. She had the innocent happiness of a teenager when her readers complimented her. I could see the smile which a debut novelist will have when she is appreciated. 4 best sellers & 1 recent novel to her credit still she smiles humbly and innocently.
  3. Damn, She is witty. I always adore people with good sense of humor, especially people who are witty. Preeti is really quick and witty.

The show ended at 9:30 and I never once glanced at the watch (to me it is a big deal to sit three hours in a same place) and only Preeti’s magic made me sit still and listen to her however the show was more interactive than one sided talk. Finally, she signed her books for all the audience who were present, posed for photos with them before bidding bye to us. Another worthy mention about the day was Preeti’s best friend (friendship of 30 years) came to the show and I really loved the way they cared for each other despite so much distance and years. After the show, I witness Preeti and her BFF running together to the car like some two teenagers who just heard the final school bell. I silently stared at my best friend with throat choking and she understood what I felt.


Me, Preeti and Soundharya

To end this post I like to quote one of my favorite quotes.


If you are still wondering why is this under Muaaah Mondays, then I guess you don’t know me much because meeting my favorite author is certainly equal to 1000000000 muaaah moments for me šŸ™‚

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


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