Wedding in less than a month – Oops – Wedding Wednesdays

Hi Folks,

Lot of people seem to be getting married this season. I am excited because weddings are really cool events apart from the style, fashion, and fun I have a huge respect for weddings. Weddings are not just a ritual for getting married and staying together but according to me it is divine because only god decides every relation in our lives and he embeds it with us but in a wedding we choose someone wisely and embed ourselves with them which is according to me a divine ritual. Well, this post is not going to be how I respect marriage or other blah blah but this is going to about 5 things you (brides) should concentrate when your wedding is near.


Wedding nearing?

  1. Dress: So you got the blouse, choli or dress stitched? Still to receive? Go nag that designer and get it! Already got it? Did you lose or gain (in most cases) weight? Try wearing the dress and check. Make sure you maintain the weight. Finally don’t forget to wear the dress completely and check at least 2 weeks before wedding.
  2. Jewelry: Have you matched the right jewelry with your outfit? This is the right time to finish the matching chores and check it by wearing with the outfit.
  3. Makeup: Gone for the trial make up? Checked whether that D-Day hairstyle, dress, make-up, etc coordinate? This is the right time to do make up, check, and correct if anything goes awry.
  4. Workout – Yoga – Meditation: Pre-marital stress, marriage jiggles are common for both the bride and groom. Do practice Yoga, Meditation and/or workout. If these are not possible at least do some walking or warm-ups daily. This will not only improve your physical fitness but also largely contribute for your inner peace and calmness.
  5. Stay inside: These days you might not be able to actually take leave before wedding, still stop tours, trips or occasional travel and stay in home so that you will store all your energy for the wedding and honeymoon 😛

Happy Wedding!

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

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