Enjoying Single Life – Muaaah Mondays 9

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3 days of vacation from blogging seems like a really looooooonnggg time for me. I was hyper busy this Friday and I didn’t blog but I did blog Freestyle Fridays 9 in advance the previous week itself. Do read and share your responses there.

As far as my first weekend was concerned it was lazy and I am happy that it was lazy owing to the fact that I literally worked my ass off on Friday. Well I did really work if you consider fun events, party and EmCee as work. Yeah, I was official EmCee for the corporate event held in Radisson Blu, Chennai last Friday. More updates on it are about to follow when I get hold of the photographer for some candid clicks. Well coming to today’s topic, I was wondering what to right today and then I came across thisΒ lovely article.


Enjoying Single Life

Although I strongly agree with the article above and highly support the fact that 23 is not a right age to be married or engaged I do have to accept the fact that in countries like India and especially in societies that are orthodox like mine 23 is at times the maximum age for a girl to be spinster but then again why should I get married when I am not ready for it?

Lot of my friends are getting married this year and a lot got married last year. Indeed all my best friends from high school and college are either married or engaged. Apparently they lost touch with me (even after having so many technologies and apps like FB, WhatsApp, BBM, etc, etc). Even if you argue that marriage won’t change your life towards the end you will realize it does change your life. Your parents, siblings, cousins or whoever stayed with you for so long know you from childhood and there is no need for you to adjust or explain them but a marital relationship is different it is two-way, you give and that’s how you get back. Simply one can’t adjust or compromise always. Apparently there are certain things you can’t do without their approval.

“I am not against Marriages”Β – but I am against Marriages without Maturity. All I have to say is once you get married, don’t regret the decision. Enjoy your single life, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy marital life but still enjoying single life is different which you won’t get back ever. In the article I quoted there are 23 things the blogger wishes to do before she marries or get engaged, here are my 25 wishes that I wish to fulfill before tying the marital knot.

  1. Go on a trip with friends from either sexes (strictly no to couples, bf or gf).
  2. Dance in a party in such a way that no one is watching (but everyone is indeed watching you).
  3. Hug a random stranger and say that they deserve your hug (my future husband will think I am mad when he sees this).
  4. Do a stage performance (however awful you are be on stage at least once).
  5. Have a girls’ (same sex) night out and talk about every possible thing on earth.
  6. Kiss passionately (depends on your taste – you may kiss your bf/gf, random stranger, friend or FWB or NSA but do it).
  7. Do some water sports (Skiing, surfing, diving, anything).
  8. Lose that map, turn off that navigation, get lost in a random city.
  9. Stay away from home a night with a person you trust, roam on streets, eat roadside food be a nomad for one day.
  10. Learn to cook a proper meal and do cook often for yourself and your BFFs.
  11. Play a prank but act serious as if it isn’t.
  12. Involve in a non romantic affair (emotional but platonic) – have a person with whom you can’t define what relationship you share – that unnamed relationship.
  13. Sneak out, do some mischief – have a partner in crime.
  14. Steal something – a chocolate, earrings, a kiss or anything.
  15. Have a book or movie marathon (3 books on a day or 3 movies on a day).
  16. Get drunk and lie on shoulders of someone you trust.
  17. Visit a foreign nation with your own savings or by your own achievement.
  18. Buy a vehicle from your salary.
  19. Go for a permanent tattoo (the one you wanted at the place you wanted – no influence by others).
  20. Write a story – Publish your first novel (this is for me – you can pursue your passion).
  21. Ogle at a hot and handsome person (if your virtue allows flirt).
  22. Go on a spiritual or religious tour (if you believe in spirituality).
  23. Lose weight or gain weight – get that curves right.
  24. Wear a bikini on the beach (for girls of course).
  25. Make your mom feel proud of you (make her realize she can be proud without you getting married).

These are my list of 25 things that I should do before I get married. Everyone might have their wishlist like this. For some of you my list may look utterly rubbish or simple because you would done all of these and for a few you may feel am bad because of the things I have listed. Either way, I don’t care because this is me and this is my limits. At times destiny changes or alter our limits. Otherwise I wish to fulfill all these yet stay in my limits.

What are you waiting for? Jot down your wishlist and complete it before getting married.

P.S: I have finished just 19 and I counted it just now. Still 6 more to go!!! Race Race!!!

Cheers & Love


I am S(t)ri


  1. Never expect this thought from a girl who is in a orthodox family πŸ˜€ I can agree with certain points not sure of all. May be opinion differ. good expectation and wish for the same.


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