Happiness & Sadness – Happy New Year 2014

Hi Folks,

There is no Wedding Wednesday Post for today since today is new year start and I thought why not post something general and relevant. Thus here is a short real life experience about my kind of a Happy or Sad day of the year.

Every day we come across various emotions and feelings but we can categorize them easily as good & bad or happy & sad. Not all days are same in fact no two hours are same too. Everyday is a new lesson. However the rest of the day is decided based on your morning mood.


  • For instance on a happy morning, the mornings where I wake up early, have a chat with mom, get ready soon and leave to office I feel brisk and happy. I feel energized and work my fullest. However on a sad or lazy day when I get up late shout at my mom because I woke up late and then rush to office and even a mole hill looks like Himalayas to me.
  • On a really good evening where I get nice cozy seat in the local train and I get to read my novel and listen to songs, I feel so blessed and I will answer sweetly to my nephew after coming home and if am in really good mood, I even dance with him to the most illegible rap songs he plays. On the contrary on a really bad day I actually get burst with even slightest word or touch and after a fight I get to sleep alone without laptop or at times without headphones because I wont get my laptop or headphone back from him.
  • On a happy day I ll happily respond all WhatsApp and FB texts with good enthusiasm but on a busy or hectic day I feel angry even if people ping for important reasons.

I am happy about both the type of days. Happy days keep me happy and sad, busy days make me realize the importance of the happy days. Either way, I cherish life. So when I wish Happy New Year to you I mean it from bottom of my heart, I also mean that “Let the whole year be happy irrespective of the fact that you will face a lot of good and bad moments”.

Happy New Year 🙂

Love & Cheers


I am S(t)ri



Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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