Save Trees! Save Girl Child – Reader Requested Blog post – Time pass Tuesdays 8

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This is a blog post based on a frequent reader’s request. He asked me to give my views on the two topics namely the Save Trees and Save Girl Child. So here is my precise and concise views. I have added this in time pass Tuesdays categories although this is not actually a Time pass still this can be a great passion or hobby.




Save Trees:

Of late we have been seeing lot of Save this Save that posters all over the internet and even in roadside rallies. But I always wonder how many of us actually think about it the day after the rally or the day after the World Environment day? I am not a big participant of all these rallies etc but my opinion about this is that don’t stop the vigor with rally alone. Be the change. Of course no one can go and hug the trees as shown in movies but at maximum we can try to save the trees by simple methods. Although we can’t stop the use of woods to great extent, we may actually minimize export and also we may plant more trees. I see on the day of Vana Maha Utsav alone people plant trees but how many of us actually do preserve the plant and make it a tree? Well, I and my family do. It would be good if every one does it too.

Save Girl Child:

Although am one among the people who don’t want a girl child because of the series of harassment and cruelty that occurs against women however that’s just my hallucination or just that I am paranoid. However I feel the saving girl child campaign should be improved and augmented from just the anti-female-feticide to more like educating a girl child, making a girl go for job, higher education of a girl etc. I do see a lot of female children getting proper studies and girls being present in all fields however as the quote goes “Rich get richer, poor get poorer” – The people who are capable of affording to their kids’ studies afford and the rest of the below poverty line girl children are still loitering on the streets begging, or even worse hooking. World is equal to all. Lets support them in a way we can. We can do monetary helps and make sure if it reaches or as an extreme and effective step we can even adopt a girl child (if at all we are sure about this).

This is just my opine on these topics, feel free to add yours 🙂

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