Lehanga Selection for South Indians – Wedding Wednesdays 7

Hi Folks,

Merry Christmas to All of You!! This Wedding Wednesday I am writing about how to chose lehanga if you are a south Indian bride. I have seen lots of brides choosing lehanga, choli for their wedding reception, etc. I personally feel the South Indian brides look the best in the Kancheepuram Silk Saree (if you are tamilian) or the Malayali Saree (if you are keralite) however which trends changing now and then many brides to be prefer Lehangas for pre and post bridal ceremonies.



A Pretty Bridal Lehanga


To all of them here are few tips.

  1. Don’t wear Lehanga for the ceremony where you have to sit down i.e. the Thirumangalyam or Wedding Cermony. Wear it for Engagement, Sangeet or Reception.
  2. Don’t opt for red, maroon since they are perfect bridal colors that won’t go that well with south Indian skin tone. Still if you are keen then go for it, else try pink, mild yellow, purple, etc.
  3. Wear a choli, not a blouse. There is a lot of difference between choli and blouse so make sure your lehanga is sported with a choli and not a typical blouse.
  4. Drape it in proper northie style. Wearing a lehanga and draping the chunni (or dupatta) like a half saree is so out of fashion it can spoil the whole look. I have seen lots of brides who do it this way and spoil their D-Day look.
  5. Finally, match it with a proper Kundan Jewelry set. To know more on Jewelry selection read this.

Additional Tip: Wear your lehanga, drape it completely, add a trial blouse and check your look before buying. Neither go very jazzy nor very simple.

Happy Wedding,

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. This is too good a post! 🙂
    I wish u write-up on the quintessentials in a South Indian wedding, preferably Tam-brahm wedding, where we have to purchase 7 sarees for the 7 occasions. “Bridal Seven”
    Pls highlight on types of sarees which can be choosen based on the occasions (every saree need not necessarily be a silk) and also varied color collections of 9 yards saree!


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