Another Mom & Me Moment – Muaaah Mondays 7

Hi Folks,

Certain weekends improve the mom-daughter bonding between my mom and me. This post was from a real scenario that happened few weeks ago between me and my mom. After you finish this you will know why this was a Muaaah Moment.

So it started this way.

I was busy getting ready to go out and my room was pitching dark so I was asking my mom to switch on my room’s light and she retorted back “HAVE YOU GONE MAD? ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?”

<<For those who don’t know, it is a famous dialogue by Ron Weasley to Hermione Granger in the first book of the Harry Potter Series>>

I was stunned and I gaped at her. Then she was like “are you hit by a body-bind curse? Come on say Lumos and your light will be on”. This time I was totally acting as if a stunning spell hit me right on my face. Then I murmured Lumos and she clicked on the light switch discreetly.

After this I smiled and got back to getting ready business of mine then she was questioning me whether I will be back for dinner, etc. I said her jokingly that “You are talking too much maybe I should try a petrificus totalus (body-bind curse) on you” to which she immediately responded that “Expelliarmus (with a wave from her Roti Rolling pin)” then she politely added “Expelliarmus saved Harry from Avada Kedavra itself so your curse is nowhere equivalent against it”.

I stopped my urge to correct her that Expelliarmus is useful only if done at right time instead I said “Okay, you win!” However she was humble enough to reply back that Hermione, you really are the brightest witch of your age I’ve ever met.

I bid her bye and left but all through the travel I wondered how she knew all these things. I was a potter head but I never even knew that she knew anything at all about Harry Potter. Finally, I asked her after a few days that where and when she watched Harry Potter. Her reply shocked me; she said “When am free I open you Harry Potter books and read it, first I didn’t understand anything but slowly I gathered a lot and when you watch those movies in TV remember I used to sit next to you and do some house hold jobs that time also I concentrated.” I was taken aback and asked her “So, you like Harry Potter?”  She responded “I like you. So I learnt it so that I can impress you and get your attention since you always talk about Harry Potter to your best friends and you used to say only potter heads can be your best friends. I want to be your friendly mom”.


My Mom & Me – I have got my Mother’s Eyes 😛

I cried for long that night. My mom is 63, I was a very late delivery to her. I was born when she was 40. I always felt she was much older than all my friends’ mothers but that day I realized she was indeed the coolest mom I have ever met. I will never swap her for anything. Never had anyone tried to learn something to impress me or get my attention. I made it a point that I will try to learn the things she like so that I can be her best friend too.

Thus started my mission to listen to Illayaraja songs, Balachander movies and I even tried to read written updates of a couple of Tamil Soap Operas she watches to be updated with her lifestyle. Finally, yesterday I did make a sensible talk to her about one of her favorite serial and she was indeed happy that I knew something about her likes.

Wasn’t this really a Muaaah moment?? This thought me two things;

Firstly, it is absolutely okay to learn a completely new thing for the sake of your loved ones.

Secondly, there is no age limit to learn something new. If she at her age has determination to learn about a big fantasy novel like Harry Potter why can’t we learn something new each day?

Love and Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Sri… U have made me to cry.. Wat a wonderful way of presenting mom-daughter relationship! Hats off to u.. Proud of u and your mom.. U dnt just have your mom‘s eyed…u r her younger replica.. In smartness and intelligence too… 🙂


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