Fifty Shades of Grey – Review – FF 7

Hi Folks,

This Freestyle Friday I resurfaced an old book review from my blogger account since many asked me to give my review about this book. This one was written 10 months back and I have completed all three the books by now.


The Book on BDSM 😛

50 shades of grey almost created a viral sensation in few weeks of its release. 50 shades of grey is an erotic novel written by E L James. Seeing the author’s name I felt it was a male author but soon I realized it was indeed she and not he (after reading “about author” page). Well, not trying to be anti-feminist or something but I was taken aback by the fact that a married woman is writing an erotic novel which makes Mills & Boon look like child rhymes. However, as a woman reading the book from woman’s point of view was very exciting.The book starts with flirtatious affair between a hot, suave, rich CEO and a plain Jane.  What starts as a crush gradually develops into BDSM and it takes you to different world of lust and desire. Will life be the same for both of them after entering into this type of relationship is the rest of the story.
The Awws (Awesome things)
1. The narration – it doesn’t lag or rush anywhere (at least in the first book)
2. The Unclear Clear explanations – the BDSM stuffs specified are clear to understand but still concealed so that the readers don’t feel disgusted.
3. Story: Unlike many erotic novels this novel does have a storyThe Oopsss:
1. Unwanted length of the book. Although the book has a good narration we can’t read more than 300 pages especially when the content is controversial. 500+ pages is unwanted.
2. More clear characterization of female protagonist should have been given. What is the point in having 500+ pages and all we can infer about the female lead is that she is a plain Jane who desires the hot male lead??

Bottom line: Although this book has mixed reviews still this book is worth read once, especially to know about the different ways to express desire.

P.S: Completed Book 2 and 3 in the trilogy (nothing to write about it, still will upload a review soon).

Love & Cheers

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