Why Should(n’t) You Get Married? – Wedding Wednesdays 6

Hi Folks,

As a wedding planner I should be nagging others to get married; well big fat Indian weddings are the ones that make people like me busy and rich. Isn’t it? However, a blog I read recently led me to write this totally contradicting post. I always have wondered that I being a wedding planner myself why I didn’t get married even when am past the Indian Girl Marriage age of 21? I am 23 and this is the stage where all the relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, known, unknown people will ask random questions on why I am not married yet. As if marriage is the only merriment in a person’s life. Of course not, there are lots more things to do in life than actually getting married.


Ready to Check the box of Terms & Conditions?

If you have seen the blog I mentioned earlier you can see her views and my comments to it. Here I am jotting out few points which were left out in that comment section by me and certain points which everyone needs to know before taking the big step. There is a common misconception that married people are unhappy. I am not supporting it; in fact I am opposing that view. It doesn’t mean marriages will make you happy or sad. It is just that when and whom you marry matters. If I am allowed to talk on this I can go on forever hence I have selected 3 reasons on why you shouldn’t marry and why you should marry.

3 reasons for why you shouldn’t marry:

  1. You are in love with a girl/guy and you feel everything is in place (in what say 2-6 months of relationship?) – Remember the famous Tamil proverb “Aasai 60 naal Mogam 30 naal” roughly translated to “desires are for 60 days and lust is for 30 days”. During starting 90 days of love there isn’t going to be much fights except little mocking ones however the true nature, character, possessiveness, attitude will be shown later on. In the starting stages everything looks sweet but later? Well, thus don’t decide to get married if you are not at least in relationship with the same person for one year.
  2. You are above 21 (if you are a girl) or above 25 (if you are a guy): Definitely this is not a reason. So what? The world won’t end if you don’t get married at 21 or 25. Your parents are getting old, they want grandchildren all those are fine but think whether you are ready for this?
  3. You friends are married: This is the most lame and most common reason these days. All my friends are married so I want to get married. No ways. Let them get married, either they are ready and matured or they are trapped. If you are not ready for it then don’t do it.

3 reasons for why you should marry:

  1. You love a person and you have been in relationship for a year or more and you absolutely sure that you are ready for marital bliss and struggle.
  2. You are matured enough to do your laundry (at times your spouses’ too), cook for yourself or family and above all manage a complete household effectively.
  3. Kids, the other person’s family: Are you ready to have kids, spare sleeping time, and love and serve the spouse’s family as your own? If you are cool enough with this then you can “Ready, Steady, Po”

Finally, age is not a barrier, even friends or other influences are not.

Marriages are definitely made in heaven but decided by mind in synchronization with your heart.

Happy Wedding! Marry responsible and reduce divorces :))

Love n Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



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