Cool Mobile Pouches – Recycle Your Old Denims – Time pass Tuesdays 6

Hi Folks,

I had a too cool weekend; you might have known it from my yesterday’s post. Thus, I planned to make a bigger craft work like a bag or something but I couldn’t thus I ended up with what I consider as a cool mobile pouch for my lovely little Lumia.


The front and back view of the denim pouch I made

If you think I have bought it then you are wrong. Yeah, I was stupid in the past to spend 300-500 bucks fully on these mobile pouches but out of the blue one day I wanted to make use of my old jeans which were in my wardrobes for so long. They were some 15 years old but I didn’t throw them away because they were kind of favorite ones. Hence I tried making a mobile pouch for myself and ended up with a cute one as shown above. I loved it and not many could guess it was handmade.

Here is what you need:

  1. Old Jeans/Denim – You need cloth slightly bigger than your phone’s volume. The extra part you cut from the pant if you are short will do (depends on phone size and your height). I used my old jeans.
  2. Scissors
  3. Needle & Thread (both should be thick).
  4. Sewing machine (optional).
  5. Accessories like key chains, danglers, etc (optional).
  6. Bleach (optional).


  • Cut the jeans to the size of your phone but it should have at least one inch extra cloth on all four sides.
  • Take two strips like this and stitch it from inside. This means you need to stitch the inside sides of the two clothes in three sides leaving the front part to open (as shown below – but on the reverse side).


  • Now turn the pouch back to normal position and give heming to the open ends. The stitching and heming can be done through hand stitch or sewing machine. (I stitched with hand only).
  • You can finish the pouch by using a drawstring as shown in the image or by sticking or stitching a zipper on the mouth of the pouch.

Additional options:

  1. If you want colored pouches or faded look use a faded jeans or bleach the jeans.
  2. Add decorative hangings in the end of drawstring and zippers.
  3. If you are uncomfortable with zips (I hate zips on my pouch) use magnets from old pouch or buy magnets and stick it using fabric glue.
  4. You can use fabric colors also on your pouch for creating various designs.

Try this out. I have attached a basic how-to. You can add your ideas and make it more attractive. Drop in your feedback and ideas.

Love n Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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