Unexpected Meets, Unrelated Friends – Muaaah Mondays 6

Hi Folks,

Who said only expected, pre planned and perfect best friends can have a muaaah moment or a happy weekend? Well, at times fate plays a sweet drama in your life. Saturday – 14 December 2013 was one such day in my life. The day that must be cherished with this perfect picture 🙂


V r PraNKSters – Vijay, Pranav, Prasanna, Niketan, Kaavya, Sri, Swetha

My friend Swetha came down from Pune for a brief vacation. However, I never had plan to meet her and then there is Pranatharthiharan (okay, that’s a unique and cool name right?), again he is a good friend and we wanted to meet up. Apparently and unexpectedly Swetha planned a meet up in Paintball and she invited Pranav (that’s how we call him – better than wrongly pronouncing such a beautiful big name nah?) and he in turn invited me. Well, when we reached Paintball – Planet Adventure we were in for a surprise. We knew Swetha is bringing a set of her cousins but we didn’t expect them to be this cool. We all formed a sweet gang so soon. What happened next is as you all know – Lots of Fun, Playing, Photo Sessions, Pulling each others’ legs, rides and walks, getting lost in roads of Besant nagar, roadside tea and lots more.

Well, I actually made the long story to a brief description. If I could write about them, I will write for ages. So, you might question me what’s the big deal about all these that deserves a blog entry than writing a FB status. Well the reasons are;

  1. I was with them the whole Saturday and I was too tired on Sunday to come up with a blog post title 😛 (Okay, Okay, Don’t Hit me).
  2. I had an absolutely lovely time (Promise) with them that I never felt this super close so soon.
  3. This was an unexpected plan that succeeded. Always even the most properly planned meets go spoilt but this was indeed a miracle to all of us.
  4. The meet didn’t end there, following the popular social culture; we have formed our Whatsapp and FB groups 😛

So what’s so muaaah about them or about us?

  1. Your friends will be muaaah-able (Okay, my slang for lovable) when they share your similar tastes. We had similar tastes in food, dressing sense, music, movies, soap operas, games, etc.
  2. We all are the same pack of Modern Tam Brahms (I am not a racist or caste oriented person – but it is cool when you hang out with people who talk in your slang and who actually give a feel as if they are your cousins).
  3. We were not so close friends or even acquaintances before we met. Well, except for Swetha & Pranav but in the course of time all of us became the besties.

I guess I have jabbered a lot so let me end it here. Well, my take on this story and my suggestion or request to readers is

“Take a chance, meet new people, rekindle old friendships, love unconditionally, and be open after all life is too short to be sad and too long to be monotonous”.


Another pic of us and a related song suggested by Pranav;


A candid shot of us – missing Prasanna & Niketan

This song is so meant for us 🙂

Love n Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

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