Anger, Irritation and lots more – FF6

Hi Folks,

Today is a really busy day and lot of people have been pissing me off. So, I decided to rekindle a past post which I wrote in my blogger long back. So here it goes.


My Exact Mode Today – But I am following below mentioned steps to handle it.

Now it is time to write about something that was pondering my mind for so long. ANGER. The word itself creates hate and frustration. I being the youngest and pampered daughter of my family has always felt so spoilt and pampered that I was always branded as the most short tempered person. However, life is not always a bed of roses. When I finished my high school and got into college I was lost and cornered. I have to go through a lot of miseries or should I say life was teaching me many things? Right from the frowny  faced professors to arrogant seniors I had to face troubles everywhere. I shouted, threw tantrums, cried, hated, and finally lost.

Like a ray of light on a dark dungeon, I got couple of adjusting and trust worthy friends who showered me with love and bliss and at the same time thought me how to handle the worst situations I was facing. Now looking back, 6 years have passed away. The worst of me was left behind. Yeah, I do accept am not perfect but at least am lovable and lively these days. I thought and jotted down a set of remedies that suppressed my anger.

1. Put yourself in their shoes: Before reacting to someone just think about them and think like them.
2. Meditate: This doesn’t necessarily require you to sit in crooked poses and close your eyes, just close your mind for a while and open it back.
3. Love: Love is the only thing that can battle anger. Love people unconditionally. Give more love than you take.
4.  Sleep: Yeah get some ample sleep. You need to sleep the right amount to be brisk and fresh. Sleepless nights definitely spoils your mood.
5. Chocolates: Chocolates can always melt your mood. If none of the other things work, stay calm and eat chocolates so that at least you will be happy.

Trust me this is gonna work on you too especially if you are in end of your teens. I wrote this 2 months and so far these 5 are my stress buster techniques.

Love n Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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