Weight Woes! Handle them – No Diet/Workout Plan – 5 Unisex Weight Loss Tips – WW 5

Hi Folks,

Is your wedding around the corner? Or are your best buddies wedding nearing? Well, I don’t know about all of you but as of my scenario I have 7 good friends’ weddings lined up in February. What’s more fun for a female than dressing up for her own wedding or her bestie’s wedding? Well, the main problem that pops into our mind when we think of dressing up is weight. No one is perfect always. Everyone have their own weight woes. If you think you are little over weight, added a few pounds, gained menstrual extra pounds, or any other excess weight woes which you want to trim it down before the D-Day then here are 5 really-working tips which I have tried and experienced.


Tips To Reduce Those Few Extra Pounds

Disclaimer: These tips are for shedding only few pounds (2-10 pounds) in 1-2 months. If you are obese then you might have to take additional workout and diet options also.

So here it goes, the five tips to shed that flab near your waist, hip, thighs and to lose those unwanted extra few pounds. (This works for guys also – Unisex tips).

  1. Lemon + Honey + Warm Water: Cut the caffeine that you jump at every morning. Instead go for a tall glass of warm water with a spoonful of honey and few drops of lemon juice. Remember to drink it WARM and in empty stomach as soon as you wake up. This will control excessive fat and aid in burning those excess fats easily. Additionally, this will make you feel brisk and light all day long.
  2. Yoga-Aerobics-Workouts: No, No am not asking you to do all those shape shifting poses or asking you to bend like elastic. All you have to do is to do a brisk 20 minutes of exercise. The exercise can be of anything from walking, jogging, surya namaskaram, treadmill, cycling, and et.al. Pick a convenient one and warm up for 20 minutes.
  3. Cut the Carb: Reduce or stop eating rice and sugar. These two are the killers – White Sugar and White Rice have more than necessary carbs. Go sugar free or replace sugar with honey. Likewise use brown rice or wheat instead of the white one.
  4. Stop the Soda: Say no to aerated drinks. I know your meal will feel incomplete without Coke or Sprite but if you want to fit back into your suit, blouse or bridal gown easily stop the soda and try lemonade instead, they are better on your weight.
  5. Keep Calm: This is the most important and sturdiest of all the other tips. Be relaxed. Studies say that weight gain’s major reason is stress (especially stress handled by women during their chums and stress of men through work load). Men’s mind gets more stress due to workload and for women the primary reason for stress is physical and relationship issues. Therefore try to stay calm. Manage your anger. Pamper yourself. Whenever I am angry or irritated I grab a dark chocolate which really helps to stay calm as well has dark chocolate doesn’t increase your weight.

Bonus Tip: Drink loads of water (almost 3-5 liters per day). Optionally, try drinking warm or luke warm water as much as possible. You might also drink water boiled with Cumin (Jeera) Seeds. They help in weight loss at the most fat consumed areas and removes flabs.

As I told, these are already tried methodologies which helped me and many of my friends, relatives and acquaintances. Since all these are natural, there are no side effects. Just that the weight loss through this method takes time. For all the brides, bridesmaid, grooms and men of honors – Try these to cut those extra craps of your body. Following this for months together can help you in shedding even 15Kgs in a year (in a safe manner).

Love n Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


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