Monster Utility Stand – Time pass Tuesdays – 5

Hi Folks,

Are you one among the lot who buys shampoo in bottles? Well, most of us buy that way don’t we? Actually one of my friends enlightened me that buying bottled shampoo is costlier than sachet ones. Yeah! I always thought the bigger the better but it isn’t so. The sachet of Sunsilk is approximately 8ml sold at INR 2. The 100ml bottle is sold for INR 59. If you had bought the shampoo in sachet for that 100ml it would cost you INR 26 for 13 sachets (104ml in total). However, I am comfortable in getting a bottle; reason 1 – my brand and my flavor of the shampoo don’t have a sachet, reason 2 – I wash my hair often, I might forget to get sachets or if I bought in lump someone or other might as well use it (my family members don’t dare to touch if it is a bottle – I don’t why they don’t use my bottled shampoo but take away my sachets 😛 ). So, if you are one like me who is worried about using shampoo in bottles but can’t help it then here is the way. You can make this simple monster utility stand from your used shampoo bottles.


Monster Utility Stand Which I Made – I use it as my cosmetics holder.


  1. Colorful Shampoo Bottles – The larger the better (I have taken Pink Sunsilk bottle).
  2. A sharp Knife.
  3. Multi Purpose adhesive.
  4. Cardboards/Poster sheets.
  5. Poster Colors.

Time Taken: 20 mins.


  1. Remove the label of the bottle, wash the inner part and dry it.
  2. Cut the bottle into halves using the knife.
  3. You can use either the halves if you lid is tight enough or use can make use of one half to make monsters hands.
  4. I have used one half for the stand and other for the hands.
  5. Draw hand patterns on the top half of the bottle and cut it off.
  6. Stick the hands to the lower half using adhesive.
  7. Now cut out eyes and mouth from the poster sheet or cardboard, paint the required color on them.
  8. Stick them to look like monster’s eyes, mouth, etc.
  9. Optionally, if you want to use both halves as the stands then cut arms of the monster from the cardboard sheet and paint it in same color as the stand.
  10. This can be used as a desk accessory or as a wall mountable stand by sticking two-way glue strips on it as shown in the picture.
  11. You are done!

Share your tried pictures on my FB Page. Optionally, you may try a flower vase cum pen stand which I demonstrated for last week Time Pass Tuesday Section.

Love and Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


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