I, Me, Myself – Muaaah Mondays – 5

Hi Folks,

This is the 25th blog post for this blog!!! So this post is so much of a muaaah moment by itself, isn’t it? Hope you all had an awesome weekend like mine. Being a student I never relished weekends as much as I do now, mostly because we could bunk colleges as we wish or even take plenty of leaves and pay the attendance shortage. However, when you are working full time weekends are the only options for a holiday plan. Well, I do love my work (because my profession and passion are just the same) still weekends are special always, aren’t they? If you are wondering that Muaaah Mondays are about weekends, well it’s wrong. It is about self-pampering moments.


Love Yourself – My Current Desktop Wallpaper

We all have grown up listening “Say We instead of I”, but at times it is essential to have the I-Moments than We-Moments. I have read somewhere “Mirrors are my best friends, they never laugh when I cry”. So true isn’t it? Only we can understand ourselves better than anyone else. At times we seem so confusing that we ourselves don’t understand why we are acting in a particular fashion. Well, most of the problems in our life start within us. To overcome those and to relish Muaaah Moments of our life, we need to fall in love with ourselves and dedicate time for our own self.

How many of us really do that? Don’t include brushing, bathing, and routine chores as self pampering moments. I neither advice you to go and talk to a mirror nor advice you to sit alone and think but on the other hand, I suggest you to enjoy with yourself (there, there! Dirty minds, don’t get me wrong!) Well, I happened to have I, Me and Myself moment recently. This weekend I actually didn’t plan to have such a moment but circumstantially it just happened. So here’s what I did to enjoy my own company.

Well, as I said earlier I ended up circumstantially in my favorite Express Avenue Mall. I being a meager eater got myself a Potato Krisper from the KFC and a Krushers. After having a somewhat sumptuous meal for my standard, I went on a shopping spree. I had purchased 4 tee shirts and couple of night wears from Max and I thoroughly enjoyed the two hours of shopping, trying out plenty of dresses among the rest. After which I shopped all the winter daily essentials from health & glow before reaching home. Well, the fun didn’t end there. I got down near my street and walked in the soft drizzles that seemed to have poured especially for me. Finally, I had my much long awaited self made coffee by sitting in the parapet of my balcony watching rains. This was one small Saturday afternoon where I spent some happy moments with me.

Well, I am not an introvert. In fact all quizzes and people in my life branded me an extrovert. However, I occasionally, love to have such I-am-all-alone-happy-by-myself moments in my life. That’s why I prefer having tea breaks, lunch breaks all by myself. I relish those small moments dedicated for oneself even in the fully loaded schedule.

This was my way of having happy-myself moments. You all are as much opinionated as I am. Share your “myself-all-alone-happy” moments in the comments section and I welcome your suggestions for things to try and blog posts titles too. If you liked this, you might like my 35 Muaaah Moments post also.

Love and Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

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