Why Chetan Bhagat and Preeti Shenoy are Illustrious Indian “Young Adult Fiction” Authors? – FF 5

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Freestyle Friday Post for today is going to about most renowned as well as two lovable Indian authors. Without even seeing the title of this post or even having second thoughts, many of you might scream “Chetan & Preeti” as the reply. That’s the writing magic and sensation caused by these two. Although both Chetan and Preeti are my personal favorites, I surveyed many of my friends, acquaintances, friends of friends before coming up with this post. All of them answered with Chetan, Preeti or both for the question – “Who is/are the most famous Indian Author(S)?”

So, now the question is why and how are they so famous? Well although the reason seems as simple as that I have stated a set of five reasons which make them stand out in the crowd of other Indian Authors.

Chetan Bhagat:


Chetan Bhagat P.C: CB Official Website

  1. He is the pioneer in Indian Youth Novel Writing (many people wrote before him but he was the one who hit the bull’s eye). He was the trigger in instilling passion of writing in many youth especially men. He broke the myth of writing novel is a feminine thing.
  2. He is witty, realistic and unbiased. These are three qualities many readers expect from the author of any book.
  3. He has a good command over his language. His books are neither too hard-hitting nor simple. They have the right blend of vocabulary.
  4. His books made it to movies. Three of his books made it to the movies, 3 idiots is still considered to be the best movie overall. Many non-bookaholics also turned towards Chetan’s books.
  5. He is intellectual, apart from books as a person Chetan is cool headed and intellectual. Obviously, the IIT-IIM tag doesn’t come easily for non-intellectual folks.

Preeti Shenoy:


Preeti Shenoy P.C: PS Official Website

  1. Blogs: Preeti herself says that her blogs and its immense success were reason that made her to pen her first novel although writing was her aim since childhood.
  2. Emotions: She seems to exactly pull the correct emotional chords of her audience, while you read her novels you laugh, giggle, shy away and cry with the characters.
  3. Writing Style: While Chetan is known for his perfect selection of vocabulary, Preeti is credited for her beautiful sentence formation that suits Indian audience.
  4. Interaction: Unlike few other authors (even authors who had just given only one or two books), Preeti doesn’t shy away or fuss around. She loves interacting with her fans through mails, FB Page and blogs. She loves them that’s why she still signs her novels fully “With Love”
  5. Feminism: Preeti shows women and feminism in a new point of view. Her female protagonists are neither dominant nor submissive they are neither strong headed nor weak hearted. They are realistic and just right thus attracting both male and female readers.

Apart from these 5 points, both the authors are well-known for the stuffs they do apart from writing. Chetan is a columnist, speaker and a father of two boys. Preeti is an artist, blogger, Poet, Yoga-Buff, Ex-basketball player, Blogger, Dobe-owner, Nature lover, Ted X speaker and a Mother of two (a boy and a girl). Additionally, both the authors are known for giving consecutive hits with 6 and 5 best-sellers respectively.

Readers’ thoughts on Chetan Bhagat & Preeti Shenoy:

Although many of my friends and few acquaintances have given me immense feedbacks on this topic, I have added 3 most valid and catchy thoughts. For all the contributors – Thank you.

  1. Nimal, a Part-time Writer and Corporate Professional from Chennai says “Chetan Bhagat and Preeti Shenoy are the only two Indian authors who have caused change in the Indian readers”
  2. Hemalatha, a Freelance Writer from Hyderabad says “Chetan’s book are gripping and interesting while Preeti’s are realistic”
  3. Soundharya, an Assistant Company Secretary based out in Chennai says “Preeti is most favorite author to me amongst the various Indian authors because she keeps the fiction to the peak of reality and I feel Preeti’s protagonists are lively”.

My Personal Opinion:

Chetan Bhagat is a man of class, an inspiration to many. He is the perfect example of following “Passion as Profession”. Preeti Shenoy is to Indian Fiction what J.K. Rowling is to Global Fantasy. She is a woman who makes other women want to her.

Current Achievements:

  1. Chetan and Preeti along with eight other Indian authors are in the Forbes India Celebrity 100 Nominees List for 2013.
  2. Three of Chetan’s and two of Preeti’s novels made it to HT Nielsen Book Scan Top Ten.


Chetan’s and Preeti’s book in Top 10 HT Nielsen Book Scan – P.C: Hindustan Times

Share your thoughts and suggestions, if you too love these two fabulous authors. Haven’t yet read them? Grab them at any nearest book store or e-stores.

You can read my review on Preeti’s latest novel “The One You Cannot Have” here.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and other fellow readers’ thoughts on Young Adult Fiction Authors, Don’t point out Ruskin Bond, Abdul Kalam or any other intellectual, well experienced authors as an example for comparison.

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  1. Aptly rolled out. Though they may seem to lack the niche skills when they compete against International Contemporary Writers, they are by far the best our Industry has ever produced. They can make any one run for their money when it comes to business. They are the role model for all the literature freaks out (t)here who look up to them to be like them one day 🙂


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