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Hi Folks,

We girls always want that beautiful straight silky hair? Isn’t it? Of course, who doesn’t? I love curls and waves too but that-always-easily-manageable, beautiful and lovely hair that flows on your shoulder and that looks like bunch of peacock feathers when you walk; isn’t that every girl’s dream? Well, some of you may deny but many of you might nod in unison. Straightening is one of the best ways to have a silky straight manageable hair that will be a blissful experience. However, the chemical straightening done in parlors seem to be having a lot of myths around it. So I thought why not clear the myths and let the world know about the miracles of hair straightening.

Myth 1: Hair Straightening causes Itchy Scalp

Truth: Only if the chemicals used are allergic to you it may cause irritation or itchiness else there is no such known cases of sure-itchiness after hair straightening. Take a scalp sample test to pick the perfect chemical or brand that suits you.

Myth 2: After Straightening Hair Fall increases

Truth: Hair fall is normal for every hair. However the hair fall is not triggered by straightening but by the sudden smoothness and silkiness that you hair has got after the chemical treatment. Initial 1 month after straightening needs additional protection from dust, sun, pollution because you hair needs time to cope up. However ironing alone (temporary straightening) surely breaks your hair.

Myth 3: Straightening causes permanent damage

Truth: A perfect straightening from a professional with high quality products will have no or minimal side effects. Unless you try coloring, perming, straightening, all at one go you can be sure of no damages. Leave gap of at least 3 months between every treatment.

Now that I discussed the top 3 myths and cleared it out. Let’s see the top 3 miracles of hair straightening.

Miracle 1: You hair seems to look long. Yeah, it doesn’t grow but it indeed looks longer comparatively since all the curls are pulled down to look straight.

Miracle 2: You absolutely have no need of combing or removing tangles on a tri-hourly or 5-times-a-day basis. Comb your hair once; it stays still till you retire for the day.

Miracle 3: You get a stylish look. Although straightening doesn’t change your facial look, it does make you look more stylish and trendy.


My Hair Before and After Straightening – Sorry about poor picture quality

Who should go for Straightening?

  • Girls with thick, dense, curly or wavy hair.
  • People who are having a solid 3 days break from work, cooking and other straining routines.
  • Girls who not pregnant at the time of straightening, not having chums, not having cold or fever.

Who shouldn’t go for straightening?

  • Weak hair or density-less haired women.
  • Those who had other treatments like coloring or perming just a week back.
  • Who are carrying, having chums are sick.
  • Those with ammonia allergy and allergic to chemical treatments.
  • Women who can’t take 3 continuous days break from all the jobs, hobbies, exercise, etc.

Types of Straightening:

Although there are several types and names said by various parlors, we can classify them as just two viz. natural straight, poker straight. Prefer natural straight if you want to have a natural looking hair and also if you want to dress up in traditional as well as modern attires. Go for poker straight if you want a completely modern, artificially straightened look.

Things to note:

  • If you are new to straightening or any chemical treatment, inform your hair stylist that yours is virgin hair. He will use special set of products accordingly.
  • Inform about the type of straightening you want poker or natural clearly at starting of the session.

My look:

  • Salon: Jawed Habib’s Salon, Chennai
  • Cost: I can’t post the actual cost here. The ranges are between 5000 and 12000.
  • Time taken: 2-4 hours (took 3 hours for me)
  • Product used: Wella
  • Time Since I straightened hair: 4 months.


An all time favorite pic in which I love my hair completely.

 After care:

There are certain steps that that need to be taken care after straightening your hair which your stylist might tell you however,

  • No oiling or washing or bending or braiding the hair for 3 days from straightening.
  • No braiding, oiling for one month.
  • 2-4 hair washes mandatory per week.
  • Hair Spa optional every quarter.
  • Use only prescribed shampoo, conditioner, serum, etc. (To know what shampoo & other hair care I use go check here).
  • Leave hair loose (no pony or braid) as much time as possible.

Final Straw:

The hair straightening is not permanent. This will last for a year or so. You need to retouch it (retouching costs less) every year. Finally, it is in your hand and care that how you keep your hair.

Luv n Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. i just smoothened my hair yesterday and this blog is so coincidental and promising for me…thnx for this lovely and honest post


  2. Hi very informative
    I got my straightening done a week back…I hve started noticing dry scalp n flaky dandruff..this is resulting in hair loss..can I start oiling my hair?
    Please help


  3. Hi,
    I had done my hair smoothening a week ago. Last night while sleeping I had pit up my hair using a hair band. And today morning my hair looks kind of weird. Along the length of the hair, it is kind of curly. What can I do to get my hair back to smoothened state? Waiting for your reply 🙁


  4. I was unsure of permanent straightening because of all the demerits but after reading this blog I will surely give it a try. FABULOUS BLOG ❤


  5. 100% True.. I Had a great look too with my straightened hair.. 😛 And missing my straight hair now.. Tips you have shared here will be really helpful to maintain and take good care of our hair..


  6. And ppl out here, as per the Blogger’s suggestion I happened to visit the Jawed Habib’s Salon for my Hair-cut & Style! Lovely experience I must say. Even all my critics praised the way my hair looked after a proper wash-cut-set stuff!
    Personalized attention, nominal rates & mind-blowing net result!
    I have almost made them my hair-dresser for life! 🙂


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