Top 5 Beauty Services for Your D-Day To-Do List – Wedding Wednesdays 4

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This Wedding Wednesday will explain you clearly on the various beauty services that are the must-do ones for the bride-to-be (we don’t restrict grooms – they can do too 😛 ). You may have already fixed up an appointment for the whole lot of pre-bridal and bridal services in a top-notch salon or you might have preferred a simple beautician visiting your wedding venue just for the make-up alone. Either ways you must be doing these 5 services for more aura and additional charm for the D-Day and later. Generally, all these 5 services will be included in the pre-bridal package, if not you may negotiate with the salon officials or add this up to your package. If you are skipping the pre-bridal sittings, then go for these 5 services alone specifically.


Various Important Pre-Bridal Services – Pic Courtesy: Pinterest Collage Courtesy: Fotor

  • Full body waxing: You may have done hand and leg waxing before but a full body waxing? Well, it is mandatory since if you are opting for any type of bridal outfit (be it bridal gown, sari, lehanga) your few vital body parts will be showing like back of the neck, hip, back part of your hip, etc. Thus you need to be opting for a full body waxing some 2-3 days prior to your wedding unless you want unwanted hair showing up on your wedding photos.
  • Skin Lightening Facial: A proper bridal or radiance or skin lightening facial is very essential in improving the glow on your face on the special day. This should preferably be done 3-4 days before wedding. Already a bride’s face will be full of glow (if she is interested in her wedding), by doing this facial you may add additional glow and a slight improvement to the skin tone. Opt for bleach along with facial if you have tanned due to hectic wedding shopping and pre marital tours.
  • Body Polishing: Facial just improves your face and neck complexion. If you want complete glow all over your body then consider body polishing. This is more or less like a body counterpart of facial. This will make your body to get the same radiance like that of your face. Additionally, the body polishing makes the outfit adorn your body with an additional perfection since body polishing not only regains you original complexion but improves it too. Do this when you go for a facial sitting.
  • Body Massage / Spa: After the hectic shopping, last minute deadline completions in office, tours with parents and friends before wedding, roaming around for circulating the invitation, etc you might need a complete relaxation. Start your beauty care regime with body massage or body spa. Do this a week before the D-day or at least a day before the Facial and body polishing sitting. Thus, you have the effect of all the three. You may opt for aromatic or thermal Chinese spa or the authentic, traditional Kerala Ayurvedic massage.
  • Under eye treatment: Although you have done facials, the effect won’t reflect much on the eyes and area around it. It is like the eyes are actually sealed with Cucumber during facials thus your eyes may have a cooling effect but that doesn’t mean the dark circles go away. Therefore, go for a special peppermint or any other under eye treatment which removes dark circles and cures puffed eyes. Do this alongside facials.

You may add more services of your choice or beauticians’ choices but make sure you get all these five obligatory services done. This takes around 2-3 days of time and around 5-7K INR from your wallet, aren’t you worth this time and money? Of course you are. The bride indeed deserves to be special on her D-Day isn’t it? If you feel doing these individually as a costly affair then opt for pre-bridal and bridal packages from a reputed salon. They start as low as 10-12k for both the packages together.

Do share your thoughts with me. Feel free to give suggestions and ask any queries.

Happy Wedding!

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