Art from Waste – A Pretty Flower Vase cum Pen Holder – Time Pass Tuesdays 4

Hi Folks,

Being a girl and using so many and not so many creams, lotions, shampoos, leaves you with an enormous load of waste empty bottles. Previously, my mom used to throw it to the waster-paper-plastic-vendor who in turn pays her money or some other handy vessels, etc. However, I always felt that was again a waste. For some 20-30 bottles, she gets may be 20 bucks. Therefore, I decided that I am throwing away the bottles to vendors like how she does. That’s when these constructive ideas popped up. Always my mom has admired beautiful desk accessories, vases, etc in my friends’ and relatives’ houses.

When we both go to malls to buy it, we find them costly and walk out shrugging our shoulders saying “The grapes will be sour”. We have tried few petty stores in T.Nagar and haven’t found them as attractive as the costlier ones. Of course, our heart prefers the beautiful and costly things always. After all these trial and error, I came up with the idea of making my own flower vases. However, to be little more unique I had made a flower vase along with a pen holder or desk accessory.


The Flower Vase cum Desk Accessory which I made

Here is the list of things you might need. Remember almost all the major things used are waste or considered waste.

  1. Used Talcum/Shampoo/Moisturizer Container – Plastic/Tin
  2. Gift wrapping papers,
  3. Old magazines
  4. Straws
  5. Glue / Cello tape
  6. Scissors & Knife
  7. Paint & Brush

Here is the step by step tutorial.

For the vase:

  1. Remove any labels on the container. I used a Pond’s Magic Talc Container.
  2. Cut the container with the knife to remove the top part.
  3. Now cut the gift wrapping paper (the one I got for last birthday or Christmas – forgot which one) to the required size.
  4. Stick it on the vase completely covering it entirely.
  5. Stick any stickers on the gift wrapped vase (optional – I have struck a Butterfly as shown in the photo).
  6. That’s all, the vase or desk accessory is ready.

For the flowers:

  1. To add more personalized touch I added the handmade flowers. Again the flowers are made of waste.
  2. Take old magazines and cut a square shape out of it. Let the square be around 5-7cmX5-7cm.
  3. Now fold the square to a triangle as shown in picture below, again to a triangle and again. Therefore it needs 3 folds to like the image 1.
  4. Now make a cone, slightly bend the left side to right side of the triangle. All this while hold the center of the paper that it the top corner of the triangle in your fingers.
  5. Chop of the excess triangle which will give you a shape like the 3rd picture in the below shown image.
  6. Draw a pattern i.e. half of the flower you need, for instance if you need a pansy draw half heart on the folded paper.
  7. Now cut out the shape with scissors and open the paper.
  8. The flower like the fourth image in the photo is ready.
  9. Stick these flowers to a used straw and paint the flowers if needed.
  10. Finally arrange the flowers in a single straw and use as a vase cum pen holder or use different straws for every single flower to get a complete flower vase alone.


Steps to Create a Handmade Flower

Try this out and share your thoughts in the comments section. Also you may share your craft photos in the FB Wall of my page I am S(t)ri.

Cheers n Luv,


I am S(t)ri


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