Mom & Me Moments – Muaaah Mondays 4

Hi Folks,

Back after a serene and tranquil weekend in contrast to the bustling and full of zip weekends I generally have. Since I was home for both the days, I thought why not clean my messy room and arrange my clothes. One of these days those made me take my Ms. Cleanliness avatar. There were number of reasons for this life-changing decision. Of course cleaning room is life changing because firstly you won’t know what you might find (spiders, old cards that create nostalgia, etc) and secondly it may take forever to clean it up especially if you have 3 wardrobes of clothes like mine.

There were several factors that made me to make up my mind to clean the room;

  1. Krish was out of town and I absolutely had no chance of calling him since he was on his holy trip
  2. None of girl BFFs had a concrete plan; they were busy with exams, family functions, etc.
  3. The online FB groups I am in, they didn’t have any meets taking place.
  4. My brother was out of town so apparently no chance of hanging out with him.
  5. Finally I was running short of clothes to wear to office since all my clothes that I already used were on top and the least used dresses were hiding somewhere.
  6. Finally, my mom was yelling for some 4 weeks now, that she wants me to clean my room else she might not mind throwing me and my nephew out of the house. Well, yeah I & my nephew share the room.

So after having a brunch at 10:30 A.M I got set to work, my second elder sister who currently is visiting us agreed to help me out. She is so sweet when it comes to cleaning but as usual some sibling rivalry popped out of the blue that morning and she ditched me 😦 Poor me, I was cornered and helpless. I emptied all the wardrobes, cupboards, and desk and kept the whole pile on my four poster bed. It somehow had space for all my special clothes and my daily wears were scattered across the floor.


Unfortunately, mom thought of doing a peek-a-boo (literally) by entering my room. I still doubt whether the state of my room gave her a heart attack :(. As usual she started screaming at top of her voice that I was ruining the room more than actually cleaning it. Well, I was indeed cleaning it how on earth she can expect the room to be clean when the cleaning process has just started.

Then I somehow put in my heart, soul and life into it and cleaned the room, arranged my clothes and segregated the daily wear, office wear, party wear and all the umpteen number of wears I have. After tremendous efforts of 3 hours my room looked somewhat neat, tidy and usable. When I finally opened my door so that my mom could see it and appreciate me; you know what she told 😦

“Sri, where the hell have you dumped all your clothes? Under the bed, eh?”  *She frantically searches under my bed*

Then she turns and asks me “You actually cleaned these? Weren’t you sleeping all these time?”

I was like “Mom, always the tone of surprise.”

Yeah. That’s me and mom and our moments. Of course every one might have such moments. Do share your thoughts.

P.S: She still didn’t appreciate that my room looks better. Indeed it looked better. I can have my best friend vouch you for that.

Luv n Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Nice experience. I did the same last week, It took whole day for me to clean that room after too much of scoldings from mom. She was surprised on seeing me cleaning rather than seeing the clean room 😀 😀 But within a week, the room gone back to the dirty room and so the scoldings 🙂 🙂


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