Five Problems – One Solution – Trendy Thursdays 4

Hi Folks,

This Thursday our trendy section will have a touch of tradition and nature to it. After all Tradition is always Trendy isn’t it? You may be a male or a female but definitely you might me very much interested in skin care. Although men out there may deny it and brush it off, the real truth is that no matter you are a male or female, old or young; everyone wants a clean, healthy and rejuvenated skin. There are major five skin problems that cause worry to all of us and the worst is if not properly cared for they may leave a permanent scar too.

I have jotted those five major skin related woes as

  • Dark Circles (Under eye pigmentation).
  • Pimples or Acne.
  • Dark spots or pigmentation.
  • Cuts, Injuries or wounds.
  • Tanning


Green Leaf Aloe Vera Gel – The one I Use

You may have had all the five or few of the above symptoms but then you would have tried different therapies for different stuffs however there is one solution that exists for all of these and the solution is Aloe Vera Gel. Seriously, this is one excellent solution and it helps a lot. I have personally experienced all these symptoms and Aloe Vera gel helped me in a very short span of time (if you know how to use it effectively).

Here are certain tips on how to use it for what purposes.

  • Dark circles: Take some Aloe Vera gel in both your ring fingers and apply around your eyes in circular movements before you retire for the night. Do this daily and you can see results within one week or so.
  • Pimples or acne: Apply a small lump of Aloe Vera gel on the affected area and leave it off. Re-apply every 3-4 hours. The acne may submerge in one day itself. Re-apply for one more week to get rid of the spots caused by acne.
  • Dark Spots: There can be numerous reasons for dark skin at certain areas alone. You may have this dark pigmentation in face, elbows, knees, ankles, thighs etc. Apply Aloe Vera gel every morning and night. The skin may lighten in a week or so (depending on the intensity of darkness).
  • Cuts and wounds: Got a visible cut or wound and has it left a simple scar? Apply Aloe Vera gel on it every 2 hours once. If it is a minor wound like a knife-cut or scratch it will vanish overnight else it may take a while.
  • Tanning: Has the sun kissed you wildly? Don’t worry! Apply Aloe Vera gel to remove even the worst tanning. If your face is tanned apply Aloe Vera gel every night and in the morning wash your face with an aloe based face wash. For other body parts mix Aloe Vera gel with exfoliating salts and rub off the tan. I got tanned badly when I went to Goa during summer 2013. I was looking so bad after having all the long drives, sun bath etc and right after coming back I had to attend a wedding in 10 days. I thought of bleaching or facial but then my sister suggested me Aloe Gel and believe it or not I got back my normal skin tone in 7 days. Well I still did a radiance facial after that 🙂

So next time you face with any such problem don’t panic just grab your Aloe Vera gel.

Bonus Tip: Dandruff on your scalp or Itchy Scalp? Apply Aloe Vera Gel on your scalp one hour before taking a hair wash. It not just clears dandruff but cools your scalp too. 🙂

Personal Suggestion: I use Green Leaf Aloe Vera Gel (available across all the Health & Glow Outlets) and at times I prefer Patanjali (Baba Ramdevji’s) Aloe Vera Gel too. Both of them are too good.

Luv n Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


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