35 Muaaah Moments – MM 3

Hi Folks,

This Muaaah Monday I am going to share 35 Muaah moments in my life. You might have experienced them too or after reading this you may wish to experience it too. So here it goes…

  1. Early morning walk in the beach!
  2. Drinking mom-made coffee while sitting on the parapet wall of my balcony.
  3. That steaming hot water bath with aromatic body wash.
  4. Loving someone unconditionally.
  5. Riding a cycle on a road with trees all along the sides of the street.
  6. Wearing that favorite tees or night gown or dress.
  7. Holding hands and walking with beloved.
  8. Irritating your mom, making her yell at you, and then hug her to say you were kidding.
  9. Fighting with siblings over silly matters.
  10. Calling someone just to say that you love them.
  11. Reading Harry Potter again and again.
  12. Admiring the fragrance of rain drops on the sand.
  13. Gazing for long in the mirror and making faces.
  14. That uncountable selfies clicked and not shared on facebook.
  15. Checking mobile to see if that someone you want to text has pinged you.
  16. Getting appreciated by your fellow colleague/boss/blog follower/any acquaintance.
  17. Listening to your favorite song and waiting for that favorite lyric part to come.
  18. Eating a whole Dairy Milk silk all by yourself (At times eating a Dairy Milk silk by sharing among siblings.)
  19. Laughing uncontrollably until your stomach hurts.
  20. Asking someone to feed you or getting fed by mother or sister surprisingly.
  21. Wearing your mom’s sari or dress and acting like her.
  22. Hugging and getting hugged by someone.
  23. Smiling at strangers (this can turn out to be murderous moment too :P)
  24. Watching your dad work and aspire to be like him.
  25. Wearing fresh and new lingerie or socks.
  26. Being Mommy’s/Daddy’s favorite daughter/son.
  27. The smell of fresh books or nail paints or flowers.
  28. Getting your favorite book/dress/gadget at a whopping discount.
  29. Someone saying Thanks to you.
  30. Being someone’s first and last love.
  31. Seeing your family feel proud because of you.
  32. Kissing and getting kissed.
  33. Reading your favorite novel within 3 hours.
  34. Watching your favorite sportsman play splendidly.
  35. This is the killer of all! Tears rushing your eyes and you are unable to stop it because you are happy 🙂


Live, Love, Laugh

I have jotted down my 35 Muaaah Moments. These are simple and happy moments which many us may have experienced but failed to relish.

Life is not about how many moments you lived it is about how many of them you relished.

You work hard, earn and accomplish your career goals but one day when you look back you may realize that you haven’t lived but just survived. Life is to live, not to survive thus stop your mundane tasks now and then and relish the beauty of life. I have relished all these. Have you? Have many more such moments? Add it in the comments section.

Cheers n Luv


I am S(t)ri


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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