Watch While You Walk: Freestyle Fridays 3

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Today being Freestyle Friday again I am going to talk nineteen to the dozen about the problems in commuting. Last week I posted a sardonic post about Chennai Bus Travel.

This week I am going to give precise, concise 5 Don’ts for people who walk in crowded streets/lanes/subways during peak hours. I travel to and fro Triplicane & Guindy and I have to walk through 1 crowded subway, 1 crowded over head bridge, and 2 crowded lanes once in the morning and again the same in the evening. By crowd I mean the real crowd where you will be pushed along with the crowd. Okay, here goes a set of 5 Don’ts while walking in crowded areas especially in peak hours.


Crowded Street During Evening Peak Hours in T.Nagar

  1. Don’t Smoke: Yeah, we all know you are so urged and addicted to the cancer pipe but why hurt us also? If you are smoking for relaxation then you should do it in a relaxed manner in the corner of the street or in a smoke zone. Not only smoke nauseates us but the ashes fall on others’ clothes, skin, and
  2. Wear proper attire: Wearing Lungis (for men) and short skirts, sleeveless are a total no. Not because that they are obscene but they are uncomfortable for you as well as others. In a crowded street at peak hours obviously someone may touch you or even in a hurry pull your dress by accident. Wearing easily revealing or removable dresses will add discomfort to all. If you are okay is getting revealed then we don’t bother too. I am not against modern or comfortable outfit but dress according to the situation. If you should dress only that way and still would want no one to touch you get your own vehicle.
  3. No Make-up & No Holding Hands: Please stop putting lip gloss, or combing your hair in a busy street. If you are so conscious about looks that you can’t stop glancing in the mirror or your phone screen then sit in home and do it but not while walking in mobbed lanes. Similarly, we don’t care if you love your best friend or your lover just that we can’t bear it when you people hold hands and block the way. Unless you are with a kid or older person, avoid holding hands because the other person won’t run away or get lost they are matured enough and mobbed road is not a place for romance.
  4. Don’t Walk & Talk: Talking on phones while walking in a crowded road is as irritating and hazardous as speaking while driving. I have noticed people who talk on the phone while walking and hit old people or trample others’ feet. It may look good on adverts to “Walk & Talk” but not in real life.
  5. Don’t carry luggage: If you are carrying luggage then definitely you should hire an auto or take a different route. If you are uncomfortable with both then please do carry your luggage in a manner that will not hurt others. I have been hit a lot of times on my nose or head by tall bulky people who carry equally bulkier backpacks.

I might have been harsh but following the aforementioned steps won’t cost you anything but may gain a lot of comfort for you as well as other people around you. Put yourself in their shoes you may also want the same as I want.

Be the Change!!

Cheers n Luv,


I am S(t)ri


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